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  1. Yeah, something like that, but a bit more streamlined. The guy who runs that seems to take the mad scientist approach and while there's nothing wrong with that, I'd prefer something that's a bit more simple that's powered by some kind of database backend and PHP rather than something that has to be hand updated, and that also supports user uploads and such.
  2. Hi everyone. So I made a topic about my exploits with win98 autopatcher, kernel EX, revolutions pack and such at a forum I go to, and there's been a pretty active and interested response. One of the members there suggested something that I'm seriously interested in perusing, IE a website specifically dedicated to up to date Windows 98 software. It would be a database of the last versions of software that work on 9x, and also tools and patches. I'd like it to be similar to bebits.com, is how I imagine it. The reason I'm posting here is I need help figuring out what server side software I should
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