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  1. Hi all, as I have last Friday disabled SD card reader on my notebook, problems vent gone. I dont needed to restart my notebook whole week, I have checked driver for card reader, but I have nothing newest found. I dont using that device, so it isnt problem for me Anyway, thanks Andre for your effort and helping br. Tom
  2. Thank you for checking Andre, I found just this about SD card reader: - Manufacturer SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller Vendor but I have disabled it and will see if problems will continue. If yes, then I will try Vista or probably some linux distribution. Its very annoying to restart the notebook 2-3x a day. I tryied more times record etl file when the system was wrong, but every time has been lost some events and when the computer worked well, the etl file was ok. You dont know why this happens? And when the system was fine the etl file has just about 25MB every recorded minute.
  3. davidov, I have sometimes the same problems as you. I just restarted my notebook 5 mins before because had the troubles as you described above on mousemove the sound was distorted and the system was extremely slow. I am very unpleased with this notebook/windows This notebook was distributed with Win Vista Home but I have reinstalled it on the 1st day, probably I will try install Vista and will see if the problems will continue
  4. Hi, here is the etl file. The record is just about 30sec long. Yesterday I have tryied to record longer, but then it was about 1.2GB uncompressed and also cant open it, there was some error that there are not enough resources to open it... http://rapidshare.com/files/392514479/DPC_Interrupt.rar.html
  5. Hi Andre, could you please take a look on pictures below? I have usually problem when i connect some USB device, but sometimes just on mouse move the system blows up, processors are on 100% and disk usage is also extremely high, need to restart my notebook I have all drivers updated with Driver genius professional to the newest, but not helped. Also BIOS is updated to latest... system: Acer Aspire 8935G :: Processor - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 2 GHz :: Memory - 4096 MB, DDR3 :: Graphics adapter - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 - 1024 MB, Core: 675 MHz, Memory: 800 MHz, DDR3 :: Harddisk - TOSHIBA MK5055GSX, 320GB 5400rpm WIN 7 PRO x86 http://img294.imageshack.us/i/23394017.jpg/ http://img693.imageshack.us/i/55481186.jpg/ thanks in advance Tom