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  1. Okay...it's been a day or two and it seems that by doing the above, it has resolved my issue. Two days with out interrupts. Not 100% positve that it will fix you guys problem, but it seems to have worked for me. Good luck.
  2. I did a search for my motherboards chipset drivers but couldn't find one. So I created a restore point and then uninstalled the USB 1.1 ans 2.0 OHCI Controllers and then rebooted. When the computer came back online, I let windows find the drivers for them, which included usbport.sys. So far so good...no latency or cpu usage issues. I'll report back in a day or two if the problem resurfaces.
  3. I found this as a possible solution, but don't know if the issue will reoccur: I went to device manager and disabled all of the on board USB controllers and also the USB Root Hubs. After about 3 secs my CPU usage dropped to only 7-10%. Then I enabled them again and the CPU usage stayed at the 7-10%. So when inspecting which ".sys" files are controlling those devices, I saw USBhub.sys, USBohci.sys and USBport.sys all on the ATI I/O Communications Processors. Then on the USB Root Hubs I saw USBbd.sys and USBhub.sys. The question is, which file is most likely the culprit. Since I get the USBport.sys using most of my CPU, can I just replace that driver. And if so, where can I locate it. There are none on my motherboard manufacturers website and the one that is installed was installed by Windows 7 when I did a clean install. I also read on another forum that if another device shares the same IRQ as the USB controller, that it could cause this issue as well. So I took a look at my Resources By Type in device manager and saw several devices sharing the IRQ of the USB controller. Also there were multiple instances of them...see screen shot attached below. Is there a way to change which IRQ these are on so they can run in sequential order to see if that will correct the problem? As of right now I reinstalled the USB pci card. I just hope I don't have to turn of my computer for anything and go through the whole missing drivers issue again, or at least til I get this problem fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. It's a Ali USB 2.0 PCI card. Made by FS (generic brand lol). It came with the driver cd and I installed from there.
  5. Okay...I'm back.When using the usb pci card that I bought to initially solve my problem, it seems I've ran into another. When I log off my system or restart it, I'll of my drivers disappear. So upon restart I have to let windows re-install them each time. Not sure what is causing that issue, so i went back to just using the usb ports on the motherboard and I'm getting the USBPORT.SYS issue again. Is there a way to resolve this, or do I just need to replace my mother board?
  6. I took another look at the table and saw that my problem was being caused by USBPORT.sys. I tried to update the driver...still problem remained. So I went to my local computer store and purchased a USB card for $17.00USD. Plugged it in and let windows find it and install drivers. Restarted my computer and the problem is now resolved. Thank you for posting the tutorial. Wish I would have found this when the problem first occurred. Would have saved me 6 days of headaches lol.
  7. Well if I post a screen shot of the whole table, before the break downs, could you possibly tell me whats going on and whats causing this?
  8. System Specs: Sapphire AMD 939 A9RD480Adv Motherboard (BIOS 6.0) AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+ ATI Radeon HD 4850(2) (Crossfire) WD 500GB Hard drive(2) (Raid 0) 4Gigs RAM DDR OCZ ModXtreme 600W Power Supply Windows 7 32bit Hi there. It seems as if I'm having the problem a few of you are having. I followed the instructions to the letter and have discovered that my amdk8.sys is causing the second core of my CPU to constantly run and peak at 100% usage. Upon further inspection, the function that is the culprit is C1HALT. I read in a few previous post that this is nothing to be alarmed about...but no solution has been stated as in how to fix this. If I wasn't a gamer or use graphically intense programs, then i wouldn't worry about it. But the CPU slow down is preventing me from taking advantage of the system that I've built. As you can see from the sidebar gadget also, its causing my second core to constantly run around 100%. I have all the up to date drivers for my devices, the latest bios for my board (not much of an option here since my board is kinda old). So is there any fix to the C1HALT issue or am I just screwed and have to bite the bullet and do a total overhaul of my system with newer components? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.