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  1. Can you suggest any other cable that'll work sorry to ask just be alot easier
  2. ...not much to go on, is it? I don't know what kind of system you're using, what OS, what USB-RS232 adapter, what driver(s) you're using, whether the COM-port is (potentially) in use by another application, what other processes are also running, what your technical knowlegde is, ... The only thing I do know is that your PC is not able to "Open COM 3", which is just as vague as saying that the engine of your car isn't running and you're asking the guy of the garage over the phone why... We need a bit more information to go on. Greetz, Peter. Im running windows 7 Im using a ca-42 cable the drivers installed are prolific usb to serial there doesnt seem to be any software running that may interfere with the com port
  3. Also, occasionally i'll be able to connect but when i hit ctrl-z nothing comes up
  4. This can mean a couple of things: The COM-port you're trying to use isn't a real (virtual) COM-port You're trying to open the COM-port with unsupported settings (like for instance 230400 baud) The COM-port has already been opened by another application The COM-port has not been closed properly after it has been used in an earlier (HyperTerminal?) session. Make sure the COM-port drivers are installed correctly. Check in your system's device manager whether it's really there and that there's no exclamation point next to it. What type of COM-port are you using? An external USB one? An on-board COM-port? A little more details *could* help... If you're using a (phone) USB-cable like the CA-42, make sure the software that came with it isn't running (or installed); these services will keep the COM-port open, even when not in use. You only need to have the drivers installed (and it should show up in device manager as a "Virtual COM-port"). You might have to reboot your computer (sometimes even a full power down) to reset a COM-port. Thanks for the update, I'm sure it can be of use to others Greetz, Peter. So i rebooted my computer and powered it down and still getting the com error. when i check my device manager it says its a prolific USB to Serial Com Port (com3) .... what do i do?? help please..
  5. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me i'm trying to connect with hyperterminal and im getting the error "Unable to open Com3. Please check your port settings" any reason why im getting this? and the fix??