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  1. You said that very smart. I have a problem that its harder for me to learn new stuff from all-ready made thing then to try to do that and learn along the way. Maybe is best that i put my time in learning of tested methods and to improve them then to reinvent the wheel. Thank you for good advice. Regards
  2. I didn't express my self clearly. I have read the info to the time where I need to get boot files. There i got the problem. I thought that the will pinpoint the problem but couldn't remember the correct name for first argument... So i have problem doing this :"in the XP setup folder \I386 run winnt32 /makelocalsource /noreboot" mentioned here,here and here because i got error that OS in cd is older than current and can't be run. (Tried compatability settings for XP) I have read all those links few days ago and there are no information about how to start a Xp or any other system installation. They are about how to install grub and how to run systems (allready installed) from grub. My question was about is it possible to start XP/Win7/Linux OS installations from grub4dos or I need to use multiple boot loaders... P.S. If i need to choose, i'll be Flash Gordon
  3. Hi again. I have read the matter and i have a problem with creating boot files for xp. Problem is that i have windows7 and cant execute xpSource/i386/winnt32.exe /create.. /noreboot command 1. Is there other way to obtain required files? 2. If xp source is nlited or with integrated drivers, does it affects something? Thanks Edit: Going through usb_multiboot.cmd i found that it creates $WIN_NT$.~BT by copying files from [FloppyFiles.Number] where Number is not 'x'. Can someone confirm me this? Edit2: Still figuring out the other folder but usb_multiboot.cmd is best tutorial i could find. Thanks! 3. And one more question. It seems that everyone is using ntldr with boot.ini as first loader and if needed they load a grub4dos. Is it possible to load everything from grub4dos (xp/7 installation, linux installations, other boot disks)?
  4. You are sure? Yeah... Knowledge is more usable then tools... Thank you for information. Reading them now...
  5. Hello everyone, I am trying to make a multiboot USB flash drive from which I can select OS to install. I have been reading this & boot-land forum for almost a week but couldn't make it. Main reason that I couldn't do it is that I want to do it manual way (no automation programs). Currently I have successfully installed GrubForDos onto flash and it is working. Now problem is that i can't start xp setup. The closest thing i came was this thread (post & beginning) but file that modifies boot files can't be downloaded. So first things first: 1. Is it possible to make USB with grub4dos or any other boot loader that can install Xp32 Attended/Unattended/SataDrivers & Windows7 from usb? 2. Can i make folder structure like this or i need to have xpXX folders in root of drive (I renamed i386 folders to xpXX) / grub windows xp00 setupldr.bin ntdetect.com xp01 ..... 3. Can you tell me or point me to information on how to start XP installation. Thanks!
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