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  1. Nvidia Profile Wizard

    Well I was actually asking anyone. And yes I do know it's about finding the right reg-tweak. That's what I've been asking for Anyone who knows? In case you do, please post the informations, thanks.
  2. Nvidia Profile Wizard

    Sorry. Yeah I'm talking about the graphics drivers. I just used the new Nlite to include the latest Geforce drivers on the disc and they installed perfectly and even the Nvidia Control Panel was installed. Only thing bothering me is that on first boot (while running RunOnceEx.cmd) the Nvidia Wizard pops up as it always does upon installing the Geforce drivers. So how do I get rid of that "Profile Wizard" or whatever it's called? If I reboot, it stops coming, so of course I could just ignore it, but I would prefer if there was some reg tweak or something that I could use to keep it from showing? Thanks!
  3. Nvidia Profile Wizard

    How do you keep the profile wizard from appearing upon installing the Nvidia drivers? Anyone? I've searched and searched but couldn't find anything concerning keeping the Profile Wizard from appearing. Thanks!
  4. Register Sygate Firewall Pro v5.5

    Just did it tonight! Look here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12657&st=90
  5. disable CEIP in Office 2003

    Hi! Great site! It has helped me a lot. Thanks! EDIT: Doh! Just noticed page 2 after posting of course :TIDE Thought I'd contribute. Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) can be disabled using the Microsoft Office 2003 Custom Installation Wizard @ Page 10 (Change Office User Settings) -> Microsoft Office 2003 (user) -> Help -> Help | Privacy Settings - Double click on Enable Customer Experience Improvement Program - Mark "o Apply Changes" and do not check off the check box below (make sure its just white). That's it. Continue with the Wizard as you would have otherwise.