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  1. Think that MEMTEST will show ALL Memory Problems ??? Please dont even bring up CPU problems ...UGG ......But if i ran the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test and it checked every sector , could it still be the cable or Drive , i am seriously hoping its a memory problem , anyone else think it could be the CPU ? Rob
  2. Just got done building a new machine and when i went to install Windows Xp i am having trouble Windows Copies over the files to the harddrive .....Then After Windows Reboots for the first time ....Its just freezes at the Windows XP spash screen and Harddrive activity ceases Here is what i have tried 1) Tried a Different XP CD 2) Tried changing Drive from Master to CS 3) Disconnected CD drive after reboot 4) Reseated the Video Card 5) Reseated the Memory 6) Moved the Memory to another Slot 7) Tried a Different Video Card 8) Ran a Exhaustive Drive Fitness Test (Passed) 9) Upgraded the Bios I think its a Memory Problem because now i am freezing right between the files being copied and the 15 second reboot warning , Also the memory that i have in the system is showing up at Dimm Speed 266mhz instead of the 400mhz that Kingston says it should be The system specs are as follows Gigabyte GA-8VT800-L Kingston KVR400X64C3A/512 Western Digital 160G 8m Cache IDE NEC Dual Layer 8X Burner Samsung Floppy P4 2.8A / 533FSB / 1m Cache / 478 350 PowerSupply GeForce MX 4000 /128 AGP I plan on going to CompUSA tommorow and buying another stick of memory , If it works i know that i need to contact Kingston for a Exchange , But just incase it DOESNT work , Anyone Else have ANY other suggestions Rob
  3. Anyone have the Registry hack for Setting Internet Explorer's > Advance Tab back to Defaults??? Rob
  4. Get help and new tips 'n' tweaks to make your unattended installation of Windows better! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry about that i read that line wrong , I could have sworn it said Tips and Tweaks to make Windows Better ....LOL If a Moderator has the power to move my post i wouldnt mind , as now i dont know if i should repost or just leave it here Sorry Rob
  5. Really Firefox can be installed on to a USB Flash Drive and ran from any computer ? You are telling me it has no ties into the registry ? thats awesome if i can just copy my Firefox Folder to my Flash drive
  6. i have 2 questions that have been bugging me for sometime now , if anyone can solve these i would be appriciative 1) Is there a Way to Have Xp Automatically Reboot into SafeMode WITHOUT sitting at the keyboard hitting F8 ??? Or at lease automatically go to the boot choice screen WITHOUT hitting F8 2) Is there a Way to Select ALL LOCAL harddrives to be scandisked at the next reboot , I have 5 Harddrives and want them all scanned at the next reboot , WITHOUT having to Select Each of the 5 Drives and hit ScanDisk Now , because i have to always play a Mp3 on each of the drives so that it says it cannot get full access to the drive because the drive is in use , and then it gives me the option to scan at the next reboot....ARRG Thanks In Advance Rob
  7. The only Requirement is that It has to be able to be run without installing anything, You should just be able to put it on a flash drive and run it without installing Some of my Favorites Are 1) Adaware 2) Norton Windoc and Disk Doctor 3) Trend Micro Antivirus Scanner I am looking to fill my flash drive with Great Programs to run on XP machines to increase speed and productivity , But these are Customers machines and I would rather not have to Install , Run , Uninstall ..these programs Rob
  8. Hmmmm ok but i open about 50 computer boxes a day , each time i will have to change the computer name ?
  9. I do alot of upgrades and tweaks to systems each day , I have Some Batch files that Run all my Registry Tweaks and then Start up The Install of Service Pack 2 , The situation is .....on most brand new computers there is a trial version of Norton AV 2004 , and it slows down the install of SP2 while it scans the files , I need a registry tweak or a Command that i can put in my batch files to kill the Norton AV from running while i am changing the system , and it has to work on Home and Professional Xp Rob
  10. I want to write a small batch file that Runs Norton Windoctor and scans and automatically fixes any errors , i found silent run switches for Norton DiskDoctor , but does anyone know what they are for Windoc Rob
  11. Ok this is my problem , I have around 7000 files sorted into around 400 folders , i need to extract all the files from all 400 folders into a Folder of my choice , The only way i know how to do this right now is ...... 1. Use WinRar and Rar all the folders into 1 Rar File 2. Extract all the files but Check the Do Not Extract Full Path Names Option 3. Then rescan all my files into there correct folders I do this action everytime a new version of the files comes out , Does anyone know of a program or a Dos command that can just move all the files from within folders ....into 1 folder ??? Thanks Alot Rob
  12. Yes I disable the Firewall so that i can Install XP service Pack 2 , and i also disable the virus scanner so that it goes faster , but then after its done i reenable it Rob
  13. I need a Registry tweak or a batch file that i can click on to do the following 1) Disable the XP firewall in SP1 and SP2 and.. 2) Disable Norton Antivirus 2004 The reason behind this is that i do alot of SP2 upgrades on computers on my jobs network , and i cant access the network with the Firewall enabled , and also SP2 goes alot faster when the Antivirus isnt running in the background , 90% of the machines are XP home machines Thanks Rob

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