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  1. I just got done building her a computer , and the bios is reporting the cpu at 56 celcius , is this the normal for a P4 , Mine runs at 36 , but i have alot more fans Is it safe at this temp , Idle at the bios screen , I also realize the Artic silver hasnt had a chance to set Rob
  2. I am building my little sister a computer right now , I am using some old parts from her 500mhz celeron Here is the question , I am using a 60 gig maxtor , and i dont know how old it is , and after i install XP and all the programs she needs , i am going to do a backup with Arconis Basically Arconis is like Norton Ghost , but where Ghost allows you to burn the image onto a dvd , Arconis allows you to make a hidden partition to restore from if anything goes wrong If she decides to upgrade to a new HD later on , Arconis does look like it will allow me to restore to a different drive Will i have any problems if i do so ???? I just dont wanna do 2 installs of EVERYTHING XP Pro Norton AV 2005 Spysweeper MS Office 2003 Adobe Photoshop CS Nero DVD Shrink DVD Decrypter Alcohol 120% Trillian Vopt Defrag Win Rar Arconis and so on Thanks Rob
  3. Yes i work as a Computer Tech , at a major retail chain We do Virus and Spyware Removals , and i get this error thrown at me durring McAffee and AVG command line scanners We dont/cant install the programs on the customers computers , too much hastle and most ask for activation Right now we use the free trend micro scanner , but this error confuses me Rob
  4. I just did download it , right from there website http://www.free-av.com/antivirus/allinonen.html
  5. But will the dos boot allow me to scan a NTFS partition ? Rob
  6. Trying to run a command prompt virus scan with AntiVir , and i keep getting this message , does anyone know of a way to get around this , i tried messing with the compatibility tab and still nothing right now googling trying to find an answer Any help is appriciated Edit: An Application has attempted to directly access the hard disk , which cannot be supported .....blah blah blah WTF ?
  7. Very Very Close to what i need , I just need it to leave a the original file alone my folder should look like this --------------------------- MasterTracker.xls <--- Main June6th.xls June7th.xls June8th.xls . . . . i dont care about the date format , I plan on executing this batch file every morning at 7am (Windows Scheduler) , to make a new file for that day , and open it
  8. I am looking for a way to rename a file with the current date Basically... Take MasterTracker.xls and make a copy , and rename it to June 6th.xls and have this batch file execute each night and move the old date to an archive folder and recreate the file for that day Is it possible ?? Rob
  9. Ok Nevermind, I just unplugged the KVM Switch from my one computer , and then plugged it in again , now it works **** Windows Rob
  10. I have 2 computers and I have a USB KVM Switch that allows me to use 1 keyboard , Mouse and Monitor for both THe KVM Switch was sitting very close to my Logitech Subwoofer (Under my Desk ) , And Today now , the one usb port doesnt work I can only get the Mouse to or Keyboard to work , 1 at a time , I cant figure it out Its like the 1 usb port just died So was it a bad KVM or Did my Subwoofer destroy it ??
  11. LMAO... The Neo Power 480 is what i have in my computer , No way does she need that much power , and i am running 3 dvd burners and 4 harddrives Rob
  12. ah not so much crappy parts.... The motherboard is nice The processor is nice she will get 512 of Crucial DDR2 A PCI Videocard , since she doesnt do videogames The 60 gig harddrive out of the HP , again she doesnt need alot Integrated HD sound 5.1 Logitech Speakers DVD or CD burner , probably a NEC or Liteon Integrated NIC Standard Floppy and a Standard Case, Maybe something with a window ? I just dont wanna go OVERKILL , since she is just doing Internet and burning music, Now me on the otherhand , I have 7 harddrives ....over a Terabyte of Info...lol
  13. Building my lil sister a computer , I have built arould 5 other computers, but most were for me and i went with the top of the line Currently she uses a Celeron 500mhz HP with 384 ram and a 60 gig harddrive I am building her a 3.4 Pentium 4 HT socket 775 , with 512 ddr2 she most likely will never have more then 1 harddrive and 1 DVD-RW in the system , and her Videocard will most likely be a PCI card , not express What can i get away with in terms of Powersupplys for her ? Here is her Motherboard (INTEL BOXD915PBLL Socket T (LGA 775)) Here is her Processor (intel Pentium 4 550 800MHz FSB LGA 775 ) I got them both Brand new for $100 Also do you recommend going with a Case that has a powersupply bundled with it , Or buy the case and powersupply seperate ?? I just dont know how a unknown brand of powersupply will hold up , I always use antec 480+
  14. I fix computers for customers everyday , and i have found ways to make the following Antispyware Programs Run without installing on the users machine Spybot S&D Spysweeper Ad-Aware I would like to get Microsoft Antispy to run without installing , I keep getting errrors each time i try though , This is the code for the others to run without installing (Spybot S&d Code) , I am not sure why i cant get it to run properly , The code below is for Spybot , and it works just fine @echo off rem ************************************************** rem rem 2004.06.03 rem ************************************************** setlocal if "%temp%" == "" goto _error1 if exist "c:\progra~1\spybot~1\spybotsd.exe" goto _error2 if exist "C:\bby\temp\spybot\spybotsd.exe" goto _error3 echo. echo Copying... "%~dp0*.*" to "C:\bby\temp\spybot\" echo. xcopy /e "%~dp0*.*" "C:\bby\temp\spybot\" :_begin regedit /s C:\bby\temp\spybot\DisableSpybotSDWizard.reg copy C:\bby\temp\spybot\DELETE_BBY_TEMP.bat "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" start C:\bby\temp\spybot\spybotsd.exe goto _end :_error1 echo. echo %temp% dir not found; please create %temp% run and run .cmd again echo. pause. exit :_error2 echo. echo SpyBot is installed locally; please use the local version echo. echo PATH:c:\progra~1\spybot~1\spybotsd.exe echo. echo. echo ********************************************************** echo. echo *** Don't forget to tweak the scan settings and update *** echo. echo ********************************************************** echo. echo. echo Local version will be launched . . . echo. pause. start c:\progra~1\spybot~1\spybotsd.exe goto _end :_error3 echo. echo SpyBot exists within %temp% echo. echo Version within this directory will be launched . . . echo. pause. start C:\bby\temp\spybot\spybotsd.exe goto _end :_end endlocal
  15. Yes i Reverted back down , This is what happened 1004 - is the version my mobo was out of box 1009 - Upgraded last night to , System temp was idle at 66c , NO OC! 1003 - Reverted using EZ flash , bios on cd was 1003 System is now at 1003 , and Overclocked to 3.9 , Idle at 40c Might upgrade back to 1004 tonite ---------------------------------- Asus has no clue whats going on , and has no record of this problem Rob * If it aint broke , Dont Upgrade it! *
  16. I have an Asus P5GD2 Premium Motherboard with a 3.4 Pentium 4 I had it Overclocked to 3.9 and the temp was at 40-42 idle I upgraded the Bios today , and the Temp is now 56-60 idle and thats after i downclocked it back to 3.4 What Happened ???? Im confused Rob PS What is a safe Temp to be running at Idle
  17. Unfortunatly , I dont have the Clearance required for the Zalman , with the case i have i need more room between the Heatsink and Powersupply Also the Spire one looks ugly as heck , and i dont wanna deal with those twisty tabs like the Stock Cooler had , would rather screw it on , rather then screw it up Rob
  18. Can Anyone tell me , the major differences between Media Center OS and XP Pro I am building a new system as soon as i can pick out a Heatsink Help me Pick a Heatsink and once i build this system i was thinking about making it a Media Center PC , but want to know the major differences between the two Thanks Rob
  19. I have picked out every last part of my new computer system, except the Heatsink , I refuse to use the intel stock heatsink , because the last one i installed , my p4 was at 435 degrees , yes !!!!! Went thru the Windows XP install Process before i found out !!!! Here is my system sitting in my room right now.... Pentium 4 550 HT (3.4) Asus P5GD2 Premium Antec NeoPower 480w Coolermaster Cavalier ATI All In Wonder x600 __________________________________________ Kingston 512 DDR2 Memory Sony Floppy Plextor 712 DVD-RW LiteOn CD-RW Sound (Integrated) Nic (Integrated) Modem (Yea Right) Harddrive 2x 200gig WD Sata Speakers (Logitech 5.1) Keyboard (Logitech) Mouse (Logitech) Thermal Paste (Arctic Silver 5) ____________________________________________ I cant decide on a Heatsink for the life of me , Either They are .... Too Big Too Ugly Too Loud Or Dont cool enough Anyone have suggestions , i have been to about 10 review sites , and cant really decide on one..... Coolermaster Hyper 48 Seems a bit heavy , Or since it mounts with a backplate should i not worry ? But Leaning towards this ThermalTake Sonic Tower Not too sure about this one , again seems heavy and expensive , plus i have to buy a fan ThermalTake Big Typhoon Still not sure IF anyone has one of these , or has any that i might have missed , please submit any insight , I want good cooling and silient operation , I have a Volcano 7+ in my current system , and it sounds like a dirt devil....lol Thanks for any Help Rob
  20. I would like to find out more about creating a Windows XP Pro Install DVD that does the following 1) After Installing XP it would install the following programs Adobe Photoshop CS Adobe Illustrator CS DVD Shrink Microsoft Office 2003 McAffee Spysweeper Nero Alcohol 120% AIM Newsbin Pro Azerus FireFox Thunderbird Dreamweaver Fireworks Flash WinAmp WinZip WinRar ISo Buster Plus some others 2) Be able to install all the drivers before the first boot ATI Catalist for Radeon 9700 pro Creative Soundblaster Audigy Drivers All my motherboard drivers 3) Run all my Registry tweaks Can Someone point me to a beginners guide? Thanks Rob
  21. I have been playing around with the Visual Effects Registry Tweak and i cant seem to get it to give me the settings that i need , I basically need Everything UN-checked except for the last 3 options 1) Use Common Tasks in Folders 2) Use Drop Shadows For Icon Labels On the desktop 3) Use Visual Styles on Windows and Buttons Those are the ONLY 3 i need checked , I am doing this on Service Pack 2 Machines , maybe thats why i am having trouble , Either that or some of these options are located somewhere else in the registry Thanks for any help Rob
  22. I want to be able to stick my USB drive into a computer and have a program run automatically , i have tried messing with the Autorun.inf file but havent had much luck , I work on around 20 - 30 machines a day and would like to have this feature any ideas Rob
  23. I had the EXACT same problem after doing a clean install of Windows XP SP2 , I finnally broke down and called TS @ Gigabyte ......they had me go into the Bios and click LOAD FAILSAFE DEFAULT , then after clicking that , they had me click LOAD OPTIMAL SETTINGS , and my memory was correctly recongnized and windows XP installed Perfectly 3 days of troubleshooting for something that small Rob
  24. @MCT - Only 1 Stick of Memory @Jito - Any tests i can run on the CPU to rule it out , If the CPU was bad , how is Intels Return policy I bought the CPU off Newegg.com as a retail , and i bought the Memory off Zipzoom Fly as retail God this sucks Rob About to pull my PC3200 out of my other desktop and see if i can run it on the Gigabyte computer , Can someone tell me if my systems memory can be run inside this problematic unit Link to working memory in my other unit http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ctCode=80092-14 Link to Motherboard that needs testing http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-128-218&depa=0 Link to Memory that is currently in Probamatic Unit https://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...uctCode=80098-2
  25. MEMTEST FAILED EVERY THING !!!!!! , Didnot provide a single pass mark , that sucks big time , Please please please be memory Rob

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