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  1. I have try last night installing the driver again, but it don't seem to be able to load. Downloading and unzip to flppy disk is ok, when install XP, by pressing "F6" and choose the driver for xp, half way loading it show me an error messgae of something like d:\ati\ babab....... think it seraching some file, and the string is pointing to D drive. How can i solve this problem, i don't have the cd-disk, all file are download from website. Please help, Thank you.
  2. (Though, make sure it's set to IDE-mode in the BIOS first.) Greetz, Peter. Thank for the advice. I have tried unzip the file and copy to floppy and tried installing during installation "F6". But when "s" is selected, the installation said cannot find any file use for. The floppy drive and disk is good, because i can format, read and write to floppy disk. Press "s" again, it tell me D:\ bababa.... also cannot. Have try ATI SATA/RAID Driver(1.0) for Windows XP 32-bit Edition,by unzip to harddisk and copy over to floppy disk. But not the ATI SATA/RAID Driver Floppy Disk(1.0) for Windows XP 32-bit Edition yet, i'll try it tonight, to unzip to floppy disk direct. Anyway i notice both zip file contain the same files, after unzip them. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. I have try that,but the download side file seem to have some problem. I have try install the os on the harddsik in another system, but don't need the driver at all. why is it so? If i get a SATA add on card, will it be better? Thank you.
  4. Thanks. I don't really know the model, cause it was a board bought from my friend oversea for me just the board only, still waiting for his reply. Anyway, after searching through the internet, found actually the same board. It from Sapphire, model-PE-A9RS482M. website, http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?leg=&psn=000102&pid=284 Thank you.
  5. Hi, i just bought a new hitachi sata 500gb internal harddisk on saturday, Have try install afew time windows xp but fail, the message keep appearing blue screem saying" it is for safely that windows have stop to prevent further damage to the computer, if you have install any new hardware or drive please check if it ok. if not remove and do a chkdsk/f before restalling the system" something like that. the thing is the harddisk is new, and this is the first time installing in the os (windows xp). Try to change sata setting, but i can only see something like "SATA1~disable or enable." below that setting there is 3 option. "SATA in IDE control mode, SATA RAG(Can't remember the spelling but something like mirroring,), other mass storage." I set it to SATA in IDE mode and only menage to boot it in safe mode, normal startup everytime blue screen and auto reboot. Wonder is there anything to do with the bios or the system don't support? What can i do, Please help? And if i put a add on sata card will it help? Syetem, AMD 3800+ Motherboard socket 939 Ram 512mb Thank you.