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  1. To VideoRipper : what I had mean is that when we plug just the cable CA-42 to the USB of the mobo there is no appereance of the device (Ca-42) in the device manager or the sound (when you plug a USB stick).There are some CA-42 wich will trigger their appearence in the device manager when the tool (Nokia phone) is connected to the CA-42.
  2. Thx VideoRipper.You explained very well.Unfortuantely i had destroyed the plug to the phone ( ironically I wanted to see the GND,TX and GX by eye by stripping completely the connector to the phone - i didnt give a thought to the battery and light bulb).I shall buy another one and follow to work. P.S.:still, from what I heard there are CA-42 wich shall not be seen in device manager when plugged to the USB unless you plug a phone too.
  3. Well..I hope that this Thread is not still dead.Hi guys...good to know that there are people who really care and share their knowledge to solve over's burduins.I got a Seagate Barracuda ES.2 (engineering sample).Same diagnostics: after a restart the computer hangs a lot at POST and doesn't recognise it at all.The problem happend to me about 5 months ago,I went to warranty but there it was said to me that the warranty does not recover the data.I can't give my HDD for a new one because Ihave my Diploma Project on it.I read this thread and decided to take my chance.I buyed a Ca-42 cable.Unfourtanetly I can't get it work.My cable is Made in Thailand (CM09083821) with 5 wires (ble,red,white,black and yellow).Even if i strip it the internal structure is molded,there a better chances to destroy it than to see what it is inside.I read over the internet and the required setups doesn't work for me.But I managed to do something. My setup:I put the plastic between the PCB and the rectangular connector so when the HDD is powerd on it must not spindle,only the PCB must work.Here it comes my confusion:the only way to make my CA-42 to be seen in the device manager is the following:the red and blue wire must be connected to the TX and RX of the PCB (it doesn't matter how: blue-TX and red-RX or red-TX and blue-rx ) AND the Sata power cable from the Power supply must be conected to the PCB of the HDD.If the power supply connector is not connected the recognise in the device manager does not work.Does this mean that I had discovered the RX and TX terminal of the CA-42?I tried to disconnect the power supply,the blue and red wire connected and to see if the CA-42 cable can be supplyed with power from a 3V battery (round battery from a motherboard).I tried different configurations with the remaining 3 wired (white,black and yellow) but i get so far no result.From this comes my confusion.How did it work with the Power supply cable?Do I require more thatn 3V?I tried also to make the followingower supply connected to the PCB and to short the blue and red...but no sound...no CA-42 in device manager.I don't know if it make sense i just thought that the RX and TX terminal of the CA-42 when connected will trigger the CA-42 to appear in Device Manager.But my conffusion is:how it works on the PCB connected.Do the 2 wires do another phenomena in that moment? Thank You. P.S.:finnaly i had managed to unrwap and to see whats inside.It is a ATMEL chip made in Korea.I shall post a photo in the evening of the containts of the CA-42.
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