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  1. Can someone please tell me how can I change the default background of windows XP??
  2. [Request] Internet Explorer 8 (greek)

    No, you can delete them, they are just temporary files where all the action happened. No, nLite accepts more than one format, including .7z, .cab and .rar (maybe even .zip, but I'm not sure) It seems to work fine!! I've already tested it with VirtualPC, no problems!! Thank you very much!!!!
  3. [Request] Internet Explorer 8 (greek)

    I'm tring this solution.... The program created a folder "Archive_Files" too, do I need these files? and something else, the program created a .7z file, do I have to convert it to .cab file in order to integrate it with nlite into Windows XP?? Thank you for your advice!!
  4. Would someone please do an Add-On for me?? I want an addon of Internet explorer 8, the greek edition please(IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ELL.exe)!! There you can find the file: IE8 greek Thanks!!!
  5. nLite and windows updates

    nekiman, you are welcome. I think W7 Professional x64 will be OK as long as you do not integrate an SP (which you are not doing). I don't know about 32 bit updates, but if WUD showed KB936929, it should be OK. I have not used the WMP11 integrator you are using, so let us know if it works. Sounds like you are learning fast. Great on the VirtualPC system - will pay many dividends. I think that IE8 AddOn will be fine, but in English. Enjoy, John. Thanks! the update KB936929 which WUD downloaded, is service pack 3, but my source is windows xp sp3, do I have to try to integrate it? sorry I didn't understand that!! the WMP11 Integrator which I tried does not work with nlite, it integrates WMP11 into the source. I did that and then i created with nlite the .iso file in order to test it!! I tried it with VirtualPC, and it seemed to have no problems!!(I attached a photo of this program) I want to try to make my own addon, but I don't know if I have to add a "Command for Silent installation" at the addon maker... but I think that I can deal with that... (I'm sorry again about my mistakes:$)
  6. nLite and windows updates

    nekiman, thanks for the Last Session. It is always useful. It looks OK, but I see you are running nLite under Vista (or W7) and this can be a problem if you are adding a Service Pack. Did your original source come with SP3 or are you using nLite to slipstream it? You did not say what WMP11 Slipstreamer you found, but if it is booogy's, just install it on your machine, place the WMP11 installer followed by the WMP11 updates and nLite will use the slipstreamer to integrate WMP11 and all its updates. There is always some confusion between hot fixes and updates. I tend to treat the terms as the same. I think originally, MS intended that hot fixes could be applied to a running system to correct problems without causing interruptions (restarts). In the case of nLite, all updates obtained from Windows Download Site as KB type updates should be OK. There are some exceptions and IE8 is one of them. For some reason MS decided that IE8 could not be slipstreamed on XP (only Vista and W7), so nLite cannot handle and an AddOn is required. Sp0iLedBrAt has given a good link for IE8 AddOn (and a great one for the picture guide), but the problem you may have is finding one in Greek. In this case you have two basic choices. One is to make one your self. There is an AddOn maker (I have not used). You add the IE8 AddOn into the hot fix section followed by its updates. Two, is to run the IE8 installer from the RunOnce exit out of the Unattended section. Here is a great guide for XP x64 on running stuff from RunOnce. Please don't be intimidated by it, but it is really a good lead. Kurt_Aust does not run IE8 from here, but many other things such .NET Framework. Since I run XP x64, I am not familiar with 32 bit updates, so I can't help you with individual update problems. I recommend that you do some searching here, on Google and especially RayanVM. See if you can find Greek AddOns and Update Packs. I think it will make you like much easier. Please look at Sp0iLedBrAt's pictures, read the guide posted in the sticky area above and consider a virtual system for testing. VMware Server, VirtualPC and VirtualBox are all free. If you are running W7 Professional or above, then 32 bit virtual support is available (requires some DLs - free). I suggest you try something simpler to start with. Just a few changes and updates and then test on a virtual system. Enjoy, John. First of all, john, thank you very much for your help and your time!! I really appreciate it!! I'm running nlite under windows 7 prof x64, is this a problem?? The original source is Windows XP profesional version 2002 Service Pack 3, but I downloaded the list "windows-xp-sp3-x86-ell" of windows update downloader and it downloaded for me the file "WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ELL" so I thought that I should slipstream it too!! shouldn't I?? For windows media player i tried the "WMP11 Integrator v1.1 built 60" and it worked fine.... For Internet Explorer I found this addon: IE8 and I will try it.... Or I will try to make my own addon with the "nlite Addon Maker" which I allready have, in order to make an addon of the greek version.... I'm using VirtualPC in order to test the versions which i create!!
  7. nLite and windows updates

    ok!! I'm sorry!!! I think the same too, but how am I going to find out which updates are not hotfixes? I have found a WP11 slipstreamer but I didn't know that I should do the same for IE8 !! I attached the Last Session file, is there anything that you can say?? thank you for your help!! Last Session.ini
  8. nLite and windows updates

    nekiman, Windows updates do not need converting, the .exe files are what nLite needs. Just point to them in the Hotfixes, AddOns and Update Packs Task. Enjoy, John. This seems nice but while I'm importing them I have an error message for the KB890830 and KB917275 hotfixes which says that these are "unsupported hotfixes".... In addition, when the nlite starts integrating the hotfixes I have some problems/errors:(..... I have attached some screen photos to see what i mean!! Please help... This is the list of the updates I want to integrate: While_integrating_hotfixes.rar
  9. nLite and windows updates

    Hello!! I'm new here and i would like to have some help.... firstly, I'm from Greece so I'm sorry for the mistakes there might be:$!! I have downloaded some updates with the windows update downloader, and I want to integrate them into Windows XP with the nLite!! Do I have to convert them to .cab files?? all the updates are .exe files!! And if I have to convert them, i should do this with the add-on maker? Can someone tell me how to do this?? Thank you in advance!!
  10. Thank you very much!!! Is the Office Integrator better than the Office slipstreamer?? What differences do they have?? I tried the office slipstreamer and it worked fine.....
  11. Hello! I am new here and i'm from Greece so i'm sorry for the mistakes there might be:$... I want to slipstream some updates to MS office 2007 with "Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 Slipstreamer - version 1.7.4". I downloaded 47 updates with "wsusoffline651", but when i tried to browse them with the slipstreamer i could select only the 19 of them.... I noticed that i could select only updates with specified name (eg. *kb*fullfile*.exe*) but the most of them have name such as "ndp20sp1-kb953300-v2-x86_b19b1a3f0ff00153e0ee2a71f6707803ef482046" or "ndp20sp2-kb971111-x86_9bc3ccd477d035f9278d93df9f8c8543c156b2ca", I have attached a photo to see the names of the updates which wsusoffline651 downloaded, can someone help me?