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  1. Good catch (searching Wayback)
  2. Thanks Jaclaz, I noticed that myself two hours ago, by analyzing WINRAR installation package "that doesn't show" using HEX view and comparing it to a normal SFX. And yes, it does not show on the comment (like you said this post it too old and a lot of board software updates happened for sure). Again, thank you very much for the prompt reply. Cheers...
  3. Hi HJSC, hi sixpack, hi behdadsoft, This is still eluding me. It must be quite simple, but I already tried to copy/past and it doesn't work (at least on the latest Winrar). Anyone had any luck? What type of special char should be added to the comment file? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everybody.

  5. has not set their status

  6. Thanks for sharing I noticed it only does one Index at a time, so If I want all index's modified I will have to run the script several times, correct? Thanks once again. Regards, FJorgeR.
  7. Hi Grabben, Thanks for your quick reply Can you please share your method? I mean your script! I assume it's more convenient than going to each (11 versions) when using "WinIntegrator", right? you must know that the process takes several minutes multiplied by 11 . If not can you please point me out to the right direction? Thanks in advance, Regards, FJorgeR. BTW upon finishing your AIO (including Swedish language and updates?) for all versions, did you managed to stay bellow the 4.38 GB mark? I mean were you able to use a single layer DVD?
  8. Dear Grabben, I'm facing the same problem. I have integrated (twice), first selecting Ultimate x86 and adding all updates (x86) and PT language(x86), then selecting the altered WIM (with Ultimate PT Lang and Updates all x86) and choosing Ultimate X64 and adding all updates (x64) and PT language (x64). During my tests the Windows Ultimate x86 and x64 were installed without any errors, although the updates somehow weren’t installed (because Windows Update wanted to download all of them again). All other versions (when PT language was selected) stopped with and error couldn’t find language file. So I do have to integrate on each index (for all versions)? Right? What was your approach? Did you manage to add your language (Swedish) to all versions? x86 and x64? And what about "Starter" and "Home" editions? Thanks in advance, Best Regards, FJorgeR.
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