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  1. 9QM9****:STM3500320AS:9GT154-326:MX1A:09267:????-??-??:KRATSG:2009-02-15:2010-03-20:OEM:Capille:Brasil: (no detect bios):XP Home Pro:HP Pavillion Slimline(still works fine) Adding my disk to your list Still looking for a solution to recover my data Hugs to everyone
  2. Well ... here I am again. I tried the TestDisk program. It recognizes the HDD as 500GB / 465GiB - Maxtor S TM3500320AS. (The disk manager also recognizes it, but shows it as unknown and not initialized one. All the times I plug on the HDD and open the disk manager, it asks me if I want to install it. As I know that it means to format it, I always answer NO.) But the TestDisk also said that the structure is OK. Nevertheless it showed the warning: -> Incorrect number of heads/cylinders 240 (NTFS)! = 255 (HD) HPFS - NTFS 0 1 1 19122 209 63 307208097 ... and ... -> The current number of heads per cylinder is 255. But the correct value may be 240. You can use the geometry menu to change this value. It's something to try if: - some partitions are not found by testdisk - or the partition table can not be whitten because partitions overlaps. Then I changed that number (255 to 240) and tried the analize again . But I continue to receive the same results ... error on reading LBAs. Oh God ... I don't know ... I was thinking ... Is it possible for a virus to install itself at the firmware of the HDD? Is it possible that all of this could be happening by a virus installed at the firmware of this HDD? Have somebody seen something like this before? I'm not familiar to all of this. I don't work with this things ... Till now I was only somebody that uses this things. But the last month I began to read a lot of things about it. For exaple ... -> I read about many guys that tried the procedure that is taught here but didn't have success for the first time. Then they were recommended to try another times ... and after some times, it worked. Well ... I tried the procedure not once but four or five times. I always got the correct answers back, after some little troubles. But the contents of the HD does not appears. -> I read that the last command to be sent (mo,2,2,0,0,0,0,22) must have one last comma after the "22" if the version of the firmware at the HDD was the updated one (MX1A). Well ... The version of the firmware at my Maxtor is just MX1A ... But only one guy recomended that ... And many others said that the command "22" must be the last command of that sequence. So I didn't try this. So I ask to you all, guys ... Did somebody here have heard something about this further comma? -> But I also read that this trouble I am facing is related to the not updated version of the firmware. It's strange, but at my Maxtor it is printed that the firmware is the updated one ... Does it means that I couldn't be having it? Because anyhow it seamed that I am having the trouble. -> I also read that maybe it should be necessary for me to update the firmware. In my case it would mean to reinstall the firmware, as my HDD has already the updated version. But I also read that this could be a very dangerous thing to do. Well ... I even don't know how to do this. Is the firmware at the BIOS? Or is it the opposite? (The BIOS is at the firmware) How do I reinstall the firmware? Is it really dangerous? Considering that the original firmware was the MX1A, even so, could it be dangerous to reinstall it? Well, guys ... I don't know what to do. I please, beg for your help. ... or for some little light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Capillé
  3. Hello again and thanks very much for your attention. Well ... answering the questions: Which programs? How? Well ... I tried -> PC Inspector File Recovery -> Easyrecovery Professional -> GetDataBack I also tried to see something (the sectors image) by the WinHex program. But none of them were able to access the contents of the sectors ... to see them. I put the softwares to look for files at the HD at the mode that they don't expect to see any structure information. At the GetDataBak, for example, I received thousand of lines like this: -> Error 55 in HD129: during ReadLba: LBA=.................., CHS=-1X-1X-1, Cnt=64 Where the dots means a nine digit number that change line per line. I don't know ... I´m not an expert on these staffs. But something tells me that ... -> yes ... I had success on unlock the HDD; -> yes ... all the fisical mechanisms are OK; -> yes ... the files are still there, preserved; Something tells me that, when I tried to access the contents ... -> the motor turns on (I can hear that singular noise); -> the heads moves to look for data (I can hear that other singular noise too); But the data that is been reading by the heads does not get to arrive out of the board. So it seamed to me that a had a problem at the board. Some kind of trouble that is interrupting the flow of signal data to the output terminals of the board. This behavior would explain ... I think ... the feeling of the softwares. -> They sent a command ... -> Maybe they receive some feedback that the mechanism executed that command ... -> but then any information came from the data BUS. Well ... as I told before, I'm new in this kind of community. If it's a matter of start a new thread ... no trouble. It's OK for me. I only decide to look for some help at this thread because I imagine that it was a kind of sequence of the procedures to have the HDD back and so it could be possible for others to have the same trouble that I am facing now. For example ... as I am assuming that the problem now could be at the board, I was thinking of changing that to another one from another similar HDD. But as I could see here, at this right here thread, somebody had already the same idea ... but the group shows him that it could not be a good experience. Well ... I will try the testdisk. See you later. Hugs and thanks for everyone. Capillé
  4. Hello my friends. I'm new in this kind of community. Almost the same as Mr Sebastian - GAVILAN. Had follow all the instructions and had received exactly all the answers back. So, at the end, I expected that my HDD was alive again. But unfortunately no. Now, when I plug my HDD by the USB addapter, it is not recognized by the Windows Explorer. It appears at the Disk Mannager as an not alocated drive ... just as it was a new one. Then I tried to use recovery programs to read the contents of the sectors, but, at all of them everything appears as if it was with error. I'm just thinking that I probably have some board damage too. Somebody would have some idea ? Thanks CAPILLÉ
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