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  1. PS Redid the 0lba fix and works now so not sure what happen the first time ... all working thanks heaps
  2. I hope you're not trying to boot from the drive itself... Anyway, the good news it is seen again in the BIOS As what type (size) of drive is it seen at PC boot-time? (Never rely on what Windows is reporting you...) If it says it's a 0GB drive, you'll have to do the second step in performing the LBA0-fix (which can also be found in the document at the first page). Greetz, Peter. Yeah sorry i should have been a little clearer. I have 3 HDD and on bios boot first two are fine then the Seagate hangs and says F1 to continue. I ran Seatools and it sees the drive but wont run the short or long test. If i hook the drive up to usb and attach as external then that is when i can see in HD Sentinel but lists as wrong size. Try to run the firmware pdate from windows but it says not matched. Maybe i need to make a firmare bootdisk and try that. OR is there another way i can set drive to correct size? I tried the 0lba fix but same problem still.
  3. I had the BSY problem and could not see my drive in bios etc. Ran fix and now I can see the drive but comes up with errors on boot. Cannot see in windows and HD sentinel lists drive size as 2048Gb?? Any ideas as to the problem?