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  1. Ewww... that's bad I guess it's indeed fried then... ...you don't see any blown-up components on the board, do you? Some boards *might* look the same, but even with drives of the same type and model you can never be certain they actually are You *might* want to try it, but I think chances are slim and you will be doing it entirely at your own risk Greetz, Peter. There are no burnt components. I was actually hoping that there were b/c at least then I could say what was wrong. It looks good, but just doesn't spin up.
  2. All 7200.11 drives *should* communicate at 38400 Baud, so that should be okay. Just some pointers: Make sure TX, RX and GND are connected correctly (TX of RS232 to RX of drive, RX of RS232 to TX of drive, GND to GND) When the PCB is fully attached to the drive and you only apply power to it (so no SATA-data), you *should* hear it spin up as normal When powering up the drive (with RS232 attached) you should get some messages in the terminal display (even without CTRL+Z), like: LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051 LED:000000CC FAddr:0024A051 When the PCB is not attached to the drive and you apply power to the PCB with the RS232 attached, you *should* get a prompt after pressing CTRL+Z (keys at the same time) Apart from that, I can't think of anything else Good luck, Peter. Hmm. I don't hear it spin up. That's probably the issue then. When the board is disconnected, I don't get anything, so that means my board is fried? Am I out of luck? Should I try a different board? I have a 7200.11 1 GB, and the boards look similar, but I'm guessing they aren't compatible.
  3. Help! I'm another victim! I've read and read and read and I feel like I'm so close but can't get there. Here is where I'm at: I have a 640gb 7200.11 drive and I think that I have the bsy error, but am not sure (when bios comes up, it just sits there for about 5 mins before moving on with no detection). I have aldav serial port (not usb) ttl converter that has been mentioned by others. I can get a loopback connection with no problem. I've turned off echo on winxp hyperterminal. I have successfully connected to my older 7200.7 160gb drive (at 9600 baud). I hit cntrl-z in hyperterminal and drive info started popping up. However, every time I try to connect to my 640gb drive at 38400 (8:none:1:none) (and I've also tried 9600 fyi), nothing happens when I hit cnrtrl-z. I've tried it with the board connected and the board disconnected to no avail. I've switched the tx/rx, but as it worked on my 7200.7 drive, it should be working on my 7200.11 drive. Any helpful hints at this point? I'm pulling my hair out.