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  1. Oldbie, the problem is solved. I can now print fine to the HP Officejet Pro 8610 with the Windows 98 driver for the HP Deskjet 9800 series printer. When you run the executable to install the 9800 there is an option to install it as a nework printer using a TCP/IP connection (without verifying the printer) and that works fine. By pointing me to the mobileprinting4notebooks98me-en and the hpjsi_en executables you got me thinking about TCP/IP connecting the printer. Thank you!
  2. If you can direct me where to find hpjsi_en.exe it would be appreciated. Never mind....I found a copy.
  3. Thank you for the recommendations. I tried mobileprinting4notebooks98me-en.exe. This had the most promising results so far......something actually printed on the printer, however, the only thing that prints is a postscript printer error log. I will give the next one a try.
  4. Does anyone know of an HP Printer driver for windows 98 that will enable me to map to and print to an HP Officejet 8610 printer connected to a machine on the network that runs a newer OS? The 8610 does not have a 98 driver.
  5. Yes, I used Net Use to map the non-existent LPT2 port to the printer attached to the Vista machine, and then I added a local printer and forced it to the non-existent LPT2 port. When I try to print a test page the command gets to the printer attached to the Vista machine, because the screen on the printer changes to look like it is receiving a print job, but nothing prints. I even tried changing the Share Name to something short, but that did not help. When you do have time your help would be appreciated. Thank you. Both machines are in the same Workgroup.
  6. My post may have not been clear. I plan to leave the Brother printer attached to a Vista computer, but I would like to be able to set the printer up as a network printer from my Windows 98 computer. I have tried to use drivers from dozens of earlier Brother printers, but none have worked. I tried a bunch of drivers from other printer companies as well. If anyone knows of a driver that will work with this MFC-J435w printer please let me know. I finally gave up and figured I could at least use the Generic/Text Only driver, but I cannot get that to work either. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I have a Brother MFC-J435w multi function Printer attached to a Vista machine. The printer works fine. I have a Windows 98 machine and I would like to be able to print to the printer. Brother does not have a Windows 98 driver for that printer. I want to use the Generic Printer Driver in 98 to print to the MFC-J435w printer. I believe I just need to add a few printer commands into the Genric driver to accomplish this (like Begin Print Job and End Print Job,etc.). I contacted Brother's customer service department and asked for these printer commands, but they would not help. Does anyone know how the Generic Printer driver should be configured to print to this Brother printer? Thank you. Generic Driver.doc
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