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  1. Progress!!!! a. create bootable USB drive (using the instructions in the Create a Bootable UFD section of the Microsoft "Building a Standard Image of Windows 7" document b. copy all the files from my Windows 7 install media to the USB drive c. create an Autounattended.xml file (I hand-edited an example, but I guess WAIK could do that too d. copy the Autounattended.xml file to the root of the bootable USB drive e. boot from USB Presto, unattended Win7. The only thing I was prompted for was to format the HD, but I might leave that in just as a safety measure. I think at this point it's just a matter of tweaking a few things, mainly to run my application install script from a network share. I feel much better...
  2. OK. I'm about ready to punt on this whole unattended windows 7 install thing. All I'm trying to do is have Windows 7 go through a basic install with no prompts, then run a script at the end of it. I'm tasked with windows sysadmin tasks for a small company - a dozen laptops. It simply can't be as hard as I'm making it. I have to be missing something. I've read pages and pages of posts here. Various bits of Microsoft documentation. Today, among other things, I went though the "microsoft step-by-step" guide. Created a "reference" image, sysprep, etc, and ended up with a custom boot install on USB. I put it in and boot and of course it still prompts for everything. I see various unattended.xml files, which seem to be able to provide answers to all of those prompts, but don't have any idea how to get windows to use them. I tried putting one on a USB drive then booting from my original install media, but that seemed to do absolutely nothing. I have to be missing something fundamental. Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. If you're looking into a way to do this for multiple machines, and want help automating it, consider using MDT 2010 (free), which is an MS tool for doing this, and is licensed for use in enterprise/business environments. It's also not going to remove features or modify the Windows source in any way, which will be a problem for you if you ever try to get support from MS on the installations of Windows on those laptops (technically it violates the EULA, and they *will* deny you support).You are correct, however - similar to nLite/vLite, the RT7Lite EULA specifically states: OK. Thanks. That's what I thought. I'll stick to trying to do it without 7lite/vlite/etc. I do have MDT, but man does it seem hard to use. I really just want a basic wizard to take care of all of the language, initial user, recommended settings, time zone prompts, etc. After that I have most the applications' silent installer settings. It seems that the answer is to combine an unattended.xml file with my windows install media, but I've been trying to do this on and off for weeks and I'm now more confused than ever.
  4. I'm saddled win the win sysadmin duties at a small company. I want to use RT Seven Lite to set up a very simple unattended install for a dozen or so laptops at work for an upgrade to Win7. Am I correct that by the current terms of the license that is not allowed because I'm doing it at/for work? I'm about to go crazy trying to do this by hand. My windows admin experience is very limited. Thanks.