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  1. Hello, I am having an annoying problem with Outlook 2007, specifically when I reply to someone's mail, I can't set the formatting. I'd like to use a specific font, size and most importantly no spaces between the paragraphs!! I was able to set, for new mails, that a specific font, size and paragraph spacing be used and that works fine. I have tried setting it to use plain text, but the spaces when you hit enter still come! I've read other posts, but either the problem isn't exactly the same or I tried the suggestions, but it didn't work either. I also tried renaming/deleting the .dotm for word and email with the same results. Funnily enough, I thought that if you were to delete the .dotm, then it would go back to the default font, calibri. However it was still set on the font she wanted for new emails... I have it working on another pc also with windows 7 and office 2007 and I copied the .dotm for word and email from that machine to the machine with the problem and that didn't help either. There is something I'm obviously missing. Could someone please help! thank you,
  2. Hello, I've got windows 7 installing with mdt and wds 2010. I would like to however add more customizations to it. Here's what I'm trying to do: -4 registry edits, 3 of them pertaining to putting user profiles on the d partition. -Creating the user folder on the d drive, copying the default and public folders from c to do and changing the security on the users folder to take away authenticated users and add everyone with read rights, exactly the rights that's on the c drive. -and last, but not least, installing 4 fonts. I would like to do this the easiest way possible. Ideas, suggestions? Thank you,
  3. Hi, thank you for replying. I'm using the deployment services pxe boot to start the machines. I imported the litetouch boot image into the deployment services because otherwise it didn't find the share. Is that what I need to change? Thank you!
  4. Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by the question, "do I have litetouch in that folder"? I left it as the default .\Drivers. It works for the original install of windows 7. I mean, I can deploy 7 that I had imported from the cd with the same unattend.xml file and had no problems. Thanks,
  5. Hi Tripredacus. I'm attaching the unattend.xml Thank you for your help! Unattend.xml
  6. Hello all, I really hope somebody can help me with this problem I'm having. I am using WDT to install windows 7 unattended and some programs-that works great. However I would like to create an image with all programs installed and a few registry edits already made and deploy it to other machines. I can successfully create the image and import it into the deployment toolkit. I create a new task sequence which points to the newly made image. I had to copy the .clg file from the windows 7 cd into that Operating systems folder and rename it so it has the name of the .wim file and then I could open up the Unattended file through the task sequence properties. When I go to deploy this image, I always get the error message: "Windows couldn't apply unattended settings during pass [offline servicing] Setup failed applying image c:\minint\operating system\cepe2\cepe2.wim, rc=31 ZTI error -non-zero return code by LTIApply rc=31 Litetouch deployment fialed, return code=-2147467259 0x80004005" I've tried several images, all leading to the same results. I have absolutely no clue why, but I have never been able to get a customized image working!! I've search the web hi and low, but can't find someone with the same problem AND a solution! I'm using a virtual server 2008, 32-bit, standard edition. I'm trying to deploy windows 7 32-bit I really appreciate any help offered. Thank you,
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