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  1. Sorry for late to reply, yesterday i just successful integrate the sata/raid driver to my XP without any problem, yes I think i am wrong to not notice the word in reg file that bro cdob give dont ve space. After I change the reg file, everything is ok. And thanks All for your help, now I can use the Sata Hardisk performance that is more faster than Ide mode or ide native sata mode too. I think the tips to integrate from bro Cdob dan the sata/raid driver from Fernando 1 is so great, it make more easy for us who have Windows XP that ve been installed. I need to ask anymore, what is the different sata/raid driver that Fernando 1 give with the sata/raid driver from my CD Motherboard because when i try to use the ahcix86.sys or sata/raid driver from my CD motherboard this tips is not work. If I want to integrate the sata/raid driver to Windows XP with nlite, which sata/raid driver should i use ? And what is the different sata/raid controller from AMD with sata/raid controller from Intel, because when i see in the device manager in my AMD Motherboard 790GX i dont see sata controller in IDE ATA/ATAPI CONTROLLER Category, i only see the AMD PCI IDE CONTROLLER. it's different when i see device manager from my other CPU that ve Intel Motherboard, in Intel in the IDE ATA/ATAPI CONTROLLER Category ve sata controller. This is the screenshot from my AMD Device Manager: Thanks.
  2. Thanks johnhc for your reply. Johnhc, i dont know hot to attach the last session.ini, where can i get this file ? I am not using nlite to integrate ACHI sata/raid driver to my Windows XP, I integrate after install my Windows XP. I follow the instructions that i quote in my post above. I write the step by step in here what i did when integrate ACHI sata/raid driver to my Win OS. I use the 32 bit Windows XP Pro after i install Windows Xp, i Copy the file ahcix86.sys to system32\drivers. then the reg setting that bro cdob give: I copy paste this reg setting to notepad, then i save it with name: test.reg file after that, I just double click this test.reg file to import this reg file to my windows register. the reg file import was done, then i go to bios to setting my HDD to ACHI mode, after that i boot, but it will restart again when loading is start, but when i set the HDD to IDE mode again in bios, the windows will work again.
  3. Hi Cdob and Fernando 1, I just follow the instruction to integration Sata/Raid driver in my Windows XP. then i go to Bios to set ACHI, but when I reboot the XP can't load in boot. It just restart again. I dont know what is the problem! My Motherboard is AMD Biostar 790G3, I use Windows XP Pro 32bit with SP3. I ve try with Fernando give the AMD/ATI SB7xx RAID&AHCI Driver v9-4 But it not work, then I use the Sata/Raid Driver from my Motherboard CD Drivers, the problem is the same. it can't boot after i set ACHI in bios. Sorry, if my english is so bad. Thanks.

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