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  1. Sorry for my lack of computer knowledge...didn't know u couldn't change DirectX version/drivers. I am using the modified driver from the PC maker. I tried every driver available from Intel without luck. They only had multimedia driver updates available (not just video) and when I tried an update I lost all audio function from the chipset. However, I was looking for updates for the Intel G43 Chip...I think that's what is listed by Gateway as in my machine. But I think most drivers are the same for both these chips, but maybe I am wrong. However today I just noticed this driver available when searching for the GMA X4500: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18902〈=eng I'll give it a shot later today. Thanks Andre, your input is much appreciated!
  2. Andre, You mentioned my system interrupts was a DirectX/video driver issue. I've tried every driver offered for my graphics card without any improvement. Should I try and change the version of DirectX used? You also mentioned USBPort causing a lot of the problems, but the only USB port I'm using is for a wireless mouse/keyboard and the problem was occuring before I installed the wireless mouse/keyboard as well. Thanks for the help, Jonathan
  3. Andre, Thanks for all the work on this post. I recently purchased a Gateway DX-4822 for use with a HDTV streaming media. Thought it would be a good fit, but it's brand new and I'm already having issues. I'm using the HDMI output into a receiver and then sending video to the TV. The computer output is only good for stereo though...when in 5.1 it mixes all the audio channels and doesn't work properly. Sadly none of the other media driver are compatible with my machine. I've tried every version of the media drivers for the Intel G35 and nothing works at all, so I go back to the original. Anyways...a bigger problem. When I stream video for about 20 minutes I get big system interrupt problems. I ran a trace and this is the output: Hoping it's not a driver issue with the media chipset driver because as I said, I tried all alternatives available at Intel and after install I get numerous video and audio issues. hope you can help!! Jonathan
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