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  1. And what about the Microsoft ACPI-compliant Control Method Battery then? I'm talking about this device: It's causing the latency spikes I mentioned in my previous post. If I disable this device the spikes are gone, but then the battery icon in the task bar tray is also gone and I can't find out how much battery life I have got left.
  2. So basically I just have to accept that my WLAN card causes massive CPU load en DPC spikes I'm still not happy with the Microsoft ACPI-compliant Control Method Battery device. It causes spikes like this: What did you mean by "create a new PSS" ?
  3. Hey, I've finally found the causes(!) of the latency spikes. The first one obviously was the WLAN card. With that disabled I still had 15 seconds spikes and a few random spikes and no internet. Then I disabled the Microsoft ACPI-compliant Control Method Battery and that took care of the 15 second spikes. Now I still had a few random high spikes and no internet and no information about my battery life. Then I switched from my HD5470 to my Intel Media accelerator and now FINALLY all latency spikes are gone. But now there's no internet, no battery information, no highpeformance quality graphics.
  4. Well, I disabled IntelSpeedstep and put it on high performance mode, disabled all sleep/screen/shutdown timers, but I still get the spikes... I've been busy with this all day long without any results, reinstalling drivers and stuff, but I only seem to break things up. I've kind of had it with this thing. Thanks for your help André, but it just seems this laptop is not carefully put together considering all kind of dependencies on software and faulty drivers... If you delete one thing all hell breaks loose and it'll cost you all day to fix it again. I'm back where I started now. I've wasted a
  5. Why shouldn't I worry about the WLAN? When I'm downloading at 2MB/s, CPU usage exceeds 20%. That means 1 thread is near fully loaded (dual core CPU; 4 threads)! With the WLAN card enabled I experience random >4000 microseconds DPC latency spikes. This can well be the cause of input lag (intermittent pauses while typing) that I'm experiencing. I can confirm I have the latest BIOS and chipset drivers.
  6. Hello, thank you for this tutorial While analysing my laptop* I found 2 things. This is with my WLAN enabled. There are 2 bands with high CPU usage to see. During that time I was downloading and uploading with about 1.3MB/s respectively. There are also other peeks to be noticed. I will come back to those later. As you can see, the main culprit is the ndis.sys driver, which indicates bad WLAN drivers. Is there something I can do about this, besides updating the drivers? I can't find any new drivers on the net. I can't find ANY firmware updates on the net. The latest drivers I can find are: h
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