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  1. will do! thanks again! happy happy happy *jumps in circles*
  2. BOOM made it 4 more partitions almost 500gb of data back YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! i made it with my 4 cable combo :/ (Red,black,white,blue) got till the point where i should power off the drive , instead i powered down the whole system(not reboot) and back in 10 seconds removing the usb before that and disconnecting from hyperterminal started all back up,put usb back in pc, run hyperterinal and directly ctrl+z and the m0,2,2,,,,,22 command, and it worked!! powered down again, back up and everythings back so happy now, really thanks for the help you two, and for thanks for this great thread!
  3. i'm using crimp pins i salvaged out of an old uhm.. IDE ..to.. PCIe? power supply cable, they fit so-so, but i squeezed each a little, so now they fit pretty decent i believe (also don't unplug that easily) when i connect it with black for ground white blue for tx/rx the ca-42 cable doesn't show up in the hardware manager(i believe it's called..well, maybe) and i can't call the com (won't even show up, only if i put black and red on the drive or on battery) and if i do put black and red on the drive so the cable atleast... shows up on my pc , everything i try as 3rd cable yea does nothing in hyperterminal or just gives garbage letters also the usb side of my ca-42 is in some metal casing ... (originally blue rubber around that..) so i can't see the connections there
  4. Hello! first post gah- well i've been reading this thread for quite some time now and finally i'm trying to fix my seagate(BSY error thingie), but i have some problems .. first i use a nokia ca-42 cable, like in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FztWJVxbM figured would be easiest... well... my ca-42 cable however has 5 wires black blue white yellow red i tried it 2 days now to connect it succesfully and the ONLY combination i found is (pcb facing up) red,black,white,blue with this combination ctrl+z works, else just nothing or garbage letters! BUT with this combination the cable i'm using only get's recognised by the pc if the pcb board is disconnected, once i'm at the part where you reconnect the pcb and turn off the drive, after 10 seconds on again the cable won't be recognised anymore! just nothing... ctrl+z won't work and i can't put in the m0,2,2,,,,,22 command if the pcb board is connected i can get the cable to "work" with this combination (again pcb facing up) something,black,red,something... it get's recognised just by having black and red in it.. tho if i cange them up (like in the combination with the pcb disconnected) it won't recognise the cable again... and every combination with black,red in the middle in hyperterminal shows nothing or garbage letters(crtl+z won't work too) anyone any ideas what else i can try? i'm sorry if this(thing) was asked already but i didn't know what to search for(and i only read a small portion of this HUGE thread after all..) also sorry for my english , i'm german edit(like the 6 time..): just read the first post again.. because of frustration i tried once to not power it down and back up again but just put in the m0,2,2,,,,,22 command... with nothing happening i turned the whole thing off... i thought "yea i didn't turn it off before.. ofcouse it won't work *unplugs powercable* " ... guess that's it already isn't it? the hdd is useless? edit again.. couldnt take my hands of it, tried to get the cable recognised with pcb connected again.. and.. for some strange reason now it's recognised with red,black,nothing,nothing... wich..didn't..work..before...totally confused..well.. edito... i've run it again, everythings fine.. until i powered off, powered on, cable gone... (like before, red black white blue)hows that freakin possible, an edit before it recognised the cable with the pcb connected with red on first slot, now after it's powered on again i have to put red to slot 3, and if i do that hyperterminal won't do anything .. with like... nothing,black,red,white/blue/yellow... get you guys all confused with my edits too >.< ediiit: tried something different , put red on+ black on- of 3v battery, connected blue and white on tx and rx ... got an -> (small arrow) on hyperterminal, switched tx and rx... and.. again.. small arrow.. hm
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