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  1. Hi, I wish i could help you but never got round to running an unattended before but will do. i have a ris logon issue. maybe will catch at a later date. hope you sort it!!
  2. if you look in the xp disc and look for deploy.cab it discussing how to install xp and unattended for example! There are different ways of doing things but if you take some time to read and you will gain a better understanding. i havent done this yet myself but will do eventually. currently im stuck on running RIS instead of WDS but trying to install a basic image remotely first and once done. I can then logon remotely and run setup manager, sysprep via \\servername\reminst\i386 - etc etc i havent checked the exact path yet as it is just a guide. you can also run rfbg.exe if an xp client pc nic card isnt pxeclient. hope that helps!! mike250
  3. hi hows things, ive just joined today and thought i would just message a few people?

  4. hi hows things, ive just joined today and thought just message a few people.

  5. Hi all,Ive only joined today so please forgive if everyone has moved onto bigger and better things. im stubborn you see!!!! ive was successful in the past when running ris on its own separate server but connecting via AD and for DNS to a DC. Ran risetup in order to just make a basic copy of an xp image on the RIS server i can always get the Remote install tabe on the RIS DC where i can then locate my xp image installed. i can always select F12 and it does prompt for my logon details This is my issue, no matter if i use an administrators account or create a user with domain admin privileges it still says logon issue at my client pxeclient pc. why???????? 3 weeks works down the drain.
  6. Hi all, Ive only joined today and was hoping to get this question below answered. I do believe it to be no as ive already run risetup.exe so removing it would presumably cause a problem. I just didnt want to disturb what id already done. i have and xp disc which someone has given me which has updates within it and on doing "risetup.exe" there is a folder in d:\Remoteinstall\Setup\English\WINDOWS\i386\svcpack - Can I remove this \svcpack folder to make sure this is a flat basic xp install. As RIS only installs basic flat xp installs remotely due to the site being remote and being pxeclient? Let me know before I remove this folder as Im not sure if it will affect the image just created on the RIS server
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