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  1. You are a * that works great!, I can't thank you enough. Dave.
  2. Thanks for all your work! I will look at this today, If I could just find a different solution to devcon.exe / tapinstall.exe it would be greate, I have experimented with DPINST but had no luck so far. Dave.
  3. No, but the method should work. Please post how you succeed to install it with devcon.exe, and I'll try to make a "working" .inf for it. (I need to understand how it behaves when succesfully installed) jaclaz Hi Jaclaz, Many thanks for taking the time to speak. I install it by: devcon.exe install oemwin2k.inf tap08qemu.sys This then installs it. This can be ran multiple times, installing more than one instance of the network adapter. It shows in the network and sharing center as "Local Area Connection x" Hope this helps. Dave.
  4. Hi Jaclaz, Yes I develop the main Qemu Manager that's been going for about 5 years now. The site is down at the min as it is being merged with another site ready for the release Qemu Manager 7.0 which is quite a big release. I have tried the rundll32 solution above as part of my tests, unfortunately it does not work. The driver is a network card driver. It installs fine if installed via devcon.exe or device manager. I would really like to have an automted way of installing this driver on demand, it will help other users greatly, and add value to the overall program. If you have any other tips it would be appreaciated, Thanks. Dave.
  5. Hi, I run an open source project called Qemu Manager. I am day's of releasing the latest version but am having major issues installing a driver. Its a slightly modified version of the OpenVPN TAP-WIN32 driver. Driver The only way at present to install it is using devcon.exe but I don't want to redistribute that due to licensing etc..... I have also tried dpinst.exe and that fails also. If anyone can provide an open source/free solution it would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks. Dave.
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