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  1. All, I have a question that im pretty sure someone here can answer. I have WDS installed and running fine. I have captured my WINXP image, so that part is all good. The one problem I can see happening, is that when you boot the PC to deploy the Image, it boots into the Windows PE environment and then you can choose the image to install. The problem arises when the the PE environment doesnt have the particular driver needed for the NIC in the PC. I know you can import the drivers using peimg which I have done to get the VM image running, but what about all the hundreds of other NIC's out there. Is there an easy way of importing say the driverpacks nic pack ??, so they are all in there ? cheers
  2. Hi All, Im getting the 25003 error while trying to shrink my Office 2K3 install. I have attached the files for you to look at. The strange thing is though, when I run the setup with the .mst file manually it installs fine. Very odd.. Hopefully someone can help me out. Cheers office2.txt office.txt office2_Task_0001_.txt

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