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  1. ...And yet another successfuly recovered drive - like Jay's (post #2736), a Barracuda 500GB with LC11 firmware. It looks like it's not only the SA/SD batch that fouled up; I wonder how many unfortunates there are round the world who haven't found this or similar sites... Thanks to all on here for their tips and experiences, Gram
  2. Hi, New here, found this site when looking up the "not recognised" 7200.11 problem. I have checked on the Seagate page, and while my drive is listed by model and serial number, my disk firmware is LC11, rather than the AD/SD group. I see in Gradius's post (19 Jan 2009) that the Seagate site says - "**Note: If your drive has CC or LC firmware, your drive is not affected and no further action is required. Attempting to flash the firmware of a drive with CC or LC firmware will result in rendering your drive inoperable" I cannot see this note on Seagate's site now (have they discovered otherwise?), and on 22 Jan 2009 (post #142) SPOOX repaired his drive - which had firmware LC15. I am reading page by page and have got to page 37 - but can anyone tell me (sooner) if LC11 drives can be fixed this way? The problem does appear to be the BSY fault; the drive had been working perfectly normally until just one day on booting up, the drive was not recognised in BIOS. It has been tested in other computers; still not recognised. If it can be revived, is there any updated LC firmware - and if so, would it be worth upgrading anyway? Thanks in advance for any advice and help, Gram
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