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  1. Hi submix, thanks for your input, funny thing the problem is now gone. Just for the heck of it, I tried to clear CMOS once again and that did it, now I can boot into safe mode with a mouse plugged into the USB port I HARDLY rock I could have never figured it out without your and usher's help, the only people that rock here are you and him I always thought to get some HDD cloning software but couldn't decide which, thanks for that pm coming your way
  2. IT WORKS!!!! used the usher's method, or dencorso's guidelines till step 6 I can now enter safe mode with 2GB installed and the system is very stable, I burned a few cds, flashed the firmware of my SCSI burner, no memory problem whatsoever couple of things, probably obvious, probably not.....bear with me I'm still such a noob 1)This one is really, really weird When I enter safe mode, my USB mouse doesn't work, even there's NO POINTER, it's like disappeared BUT if take a memory module off, then it works no problem. Put the 2nd memory module back in, used a USB to PS/2 adapter, rebooted. Now the pointer reappeared, but still I can't move it Rebooted again, entered BIOS options and "disabled USB mouse support". Now the mouse finally works even in safe mode. 2)I actually reinstalled windows for 2 times. The first time also went good, however I installed Office XP as I had a feeling that's what messed things last time. And as expected, couldn't boot into safe mode. There must be something in the Office XP engine that **** with memory settings, but whatever I'm not gonna risk again. I'll probably install either Office 2000 or 97
  3. great, thanks, I'll try that there's another thing I forgot to ask: last time I used some switches at setup, list here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/186111 for example those to bypass scandisk and not installing ACPI, I got the idea from this page http://www.usbman.co...8seusbguide.htm is there anything else I need to actually bypass?
  4. I give up:wacko: I really dont understand what went wrong. and yes the files are all present in C:\....I might be stupid but I aint bloody stupid I'm going to delete the partition and reinstall it @dencorso (and usher) I really appreciate you spent time trying to help me out, dont really wanna waste anymore of it...but if you can give me just a final little help...... I will only put a single 512mb module on the mobo, just to be on the safe side after that, I figure these are steps I need to take? -install SP2.1 -reinstall KB311561, just in case -place the 2x1GB memory modules and clear CMOS -follow your instructions in post #12 so if I understand correctly, config.sys in C\ will only have A SINGLE line? autoexec.bat though should still be empty? bye for now
  5. yep, I can see them actually if I type himem.exe I get some text/options. However if I run xRayeR's ios and select yes, it states that himem.sys is not found
  6. did everything ecept installing the KB311561 hotfix (it can't be executed under DOS, btw) when I reboot it states there's an error in line 1 of config.sys and that himem.exe and himem.sys are missing, which is strange because I can see them in the direcory. I used to speak Portuguese as I lived in Portugal (and Brazil too) for some time, however I can hardly speak it anymore:(
  7. point taken please dont think that I was being careless or something, it's just is something totally new to me. I genuinely thought to look at the correct config.sys until I've read your reply. meanwhile, I copied the content of config.sys (EBD folder) into the config.sys in C:/. also when I run xRayeR's ios.sys I ignored those the instructions given on screen. Now it can't even boot normally. I got a black screen and a series of error messages. I cant even boot a command prompt. I guess I screwed it up. Probably better re-install it?
  8. right, sorry for late, I have been w/out internet connection for a few days. I did test both modules for 12hrs. No errors Since I tested a module per time in slot 0, I tried to boot WIn98 with a single memory module, before even touching the config.sys and ta-da....I could boot into safe mode no problem. When both modules were placed I got again that "Insufficient memory" error. I made all the changes in config.sys but nothing changed IF both memory modules are inserted couple of things (probably obvious): 1)Config.sys and autoexec.bat options are empty in the msconfig utility and at root. Those that I put in the zip file are located in C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\EBD 2) XMSDSK.EXE only works if I reboot in real DOS mode. If I try to access it via command line I get this message: "XMSDSK.EXE driver not loaded. Can't load it: running under Windows. " 3) device=himemx.sys /testmem:off is present 2 times in config.sys under both [NOCD] and [HELP] I substituted both by himex.exe 4) if I access himem.sys (notepad) i can see this error: "ERROR: HIMEM.SYS has detected unreliable XMS memory at address $5To continue starting your computer, press ENTER." muito, muito obrigado
  9. heh I guess the problem was with Win98 itself. I'm now on my WinXP partition and could upload the file no problem. I will run memtest meanwhile OS: Windows 98SE Memory: 2 GiB RAM (DDRII-800 - 2x 2 GiB Corsair XMS2) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P31-ES3G CPU: Pentium Dual E6500 Video card: Ati Radeon X550 (256 MB; PCIe) thanks again krelian.zip autoexec.txt
  10. here we go autoexec.bat is empty though, this I really don't undestand take your time anyway Euro zone here and I'm just leaving for work..... I really appreciate it, thank you very much edit: it seems I'm unable to upload files, I'll sort it out later sorry for the confusion
  11. Hi well for starters I installed xeno86's Vcache fix, then followed dencorso's step-by-step guide to remove ACPI Then I literally spent A MONTH playing in the system.ini and trying any possible combination gathered from the many threads I have read on the subject.....still nothing The weird ting I could actually boot into safe mode when first installed, I must have installed something that messed things up I didn't know about that RAM patch. I'm really tempted to purchase it thanks a lot for your time
  12. Hi everybody My build is made of a ICH7-P31 mobo and 2GB ram installed. However when I first installed Win98SE (using most of the switches foud here My link)I only used a single 512MB module just to make things easier. After that I installed SP2.1, placed the 2x1GB modules and everything was working just great, not a problem. Since I started installing softwares (mostly cd burning stuff and Ofiice XP+SP3) I noticed the system became unstable, i experienced many freezes and more importantly I'm unable to boot into safe mode. If I hit F8 abd select "Safe mode" I get this message: I made a bit of research obviously. I played around with settings I found in this threads: One Two Three Four but nothing fixed it I can start Windows normally no prob, but I guess the fact I can't get into safe mode isn't exactly a good sign? any help appreciated
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