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  1. No, I don't get the debug prompt back after the hangup, I have to disconnect the terminal and back in to make Ctrl+z work.
  2. Yes, I tried the whole process of BSY fix by inserting card spinning down removing card and spinning up HDD etc around 10 times, but every time in the next step where I press N1 at F3 1> prompt, it just halts there with blinking cursor, the next prompt doesn't appear. I've tried searching about this SMART erase with N1 command, but unfortunately not much information is available. Any clue to what might be wrong? Thanks.
  3. Seagate Drive : ST3500320AS , Firmware : SD15 Problem: BSY My 500GB HDD initially had BSY problem. I successfully completed the steps till the point where I have to type "N1" for a SMART erase. But it just hangs there when I enter N1. The cursor keeps blinking and the next prompt doesn't appear, I kept waiting for 20 mins but still the same. What might be wrong? After this, I tried connecting back the hdd with sata cable to check if it works. This time it is recognized in BIOS, but doesn't show up in My Computer. Opening Device Manager>Disk Management pops up a window as seen in the snap below: Direct Image Link When I press OK, it pops up a Dialog Box saying "Incorrect Function". Later I tried patching up the firmware update from seagate. Even though the drive detect software from seagate doesn't recognize the HDD, however running the firmware patch during start up detects it, and Says: "Model Matched, Firmware not matched" even though the patch is the correct one: http://seagate.custkb.com/seagate/crm/selfservice/news.jsp?DocId=207951
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