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  1. Is my motherboard semi-brick?

    thank you all. @ Tripredacus: i used to have 4gb installed and it's the same issue. @PuntoMX: i also use pci 16 express and it's the same issue as if i were to use onboard. i even try dvi and vga plug still the same problem.
  2. hi all, hope you can help me in computer networking. currently i have 3 computers, 2 are wired and one is wireless. the wired computer are connected to an Ethernet hub. the hub connected to a wireless modem. This is what i need help. i would like to control the usage of the other 2 computers just like at my work. the other computer will be blocked by my computer on going to bad site and cannot install any program with admin. and if any changes i want to make to the other 2 computer can only be change from my pc or need admin password. where can i learn to do those? thx for the guide
  3. Is my motherboard semi-brick?

    thx. if it's a bad capacitor then i guess i can't do anything beside life with it. i dont know how to replace capacitors or where it's on the mb. any idea where it's on mb?
  4. Is my motherboard semi-brick?

    It does sond a lot like the PSU. HOW did you test it? jaclaz it's a brand new psu. i even try a different psu and it's the same. i was watching this youtube on building pc, and they mention about screwing mb to case. there's a metallic and non metallic hold. mayb i screw it on the non metallic and cause it be have stat???
  5. Is my motherboard semi-brick?

    maybe it is the motherboard because i did that and still the same.
  6. could my motherboard be damaged? the reason i said that is because every time if i unplug the dvi cable off then few minute later plug it back in, and power on, my pc start to boot but black screen (no POST) then a few second later it turn off itself then turn on itself again. from there on i see no post or any signal to monitor, even mouse and keyboard had no light . then i manually power off, few second later power on. i had to do it like 2 or 3 times until i see POST on the monitor and mouse/keyboard light led up. it an onboard video card. i even try pci express x16 and still the same as i mention above. any idea? ================================================== ====== My system: Intel DG45ID Core2 Quad Q6600 @2.40Ghz 2.39Ghz 8Gb (7.90Gb usage) - DDR2-800 PC-6400 WD500 ATA (system) WD1Tb ATA (storage only) window 7 ultimate x64 ================================================== =======
  7. I don't understand step 6 second part. Right now i have "completion notice" checked & "suppress modals" unchecked in my CUSTOM.MSP. it is okay to leave as-is since i had no error? however, it take a little longer to get to the installation screen where u click "customize" or "install" but ggod part is i don't need to enter key and user info since i had already done in the Cumtom.msp. is this normal from start to installation screen?
  8. help with my computer

    thanks. i exchange the memory and it works.
  9. help with my computer

    i reinstall cuz my pc has a lot of junk. not sure if a hardware or software issue. the reason i post here because after finishing installing a fresh win7, my pc crash after window update installed the first 3 files. if a hardware issue sorry i post in the wrong section. but what if i post in a hardware section and some1 said the same as you, y post in hardware when u think it's a software? then where am i gonna post for help? does it make a different if i use both memory 5-5-5-15-21 and 5-5-5-18-24 in my MB or the window update cause the crash?
  10. help with my computer

    Please help me: sorry if this is in a wrong section. Just got another 2 more memory. did a memory test, both window memory diagnostic and memtest86+, all passed. did a hardware test, both error checking in the C drive properties and DOS sfc /scannow, all passed. i decided to do a clean USB window7 ultimate x64 installation. Everything went great. Now i'm on the desktop, window does its 3 files update. Asked me to reboot, so i did. My pc just hang at the "shut down" status for like 30minutes. so i did a hard reboot. back to desktop, and i do a regular reboot. i can't install anything. i can't even install drivers. i had to hard reboot then now i can install drivers. then i install itune. the status bar just stop at midway. i had to hard reboot then install again, and it works. window update kept fail to install. could it be the new memory causing this? Maybe i need to edit my cmos to JEDEC 5.0-5-5-18-24 @ 400 MHz since the first 2 memory are at JEDEC 5.0-5-5-15-21 @ 400 MHz???? below is my pc: ================================================== My system: Intel DG45ID - memory max 8gb (4 slot) Core2 Quad Q6600 @2.40Ghz 2.39Ghz 8Gb (7.90Gb usage) - DDR2-800 PC-6400 WD500 ATA (system) WD1Tb ATA (storage only) WD160 SCSI (storage) window 7 ultimate x64 ==================================================
  11. so if i were to redo it and select all driver in the folder it should work??? this is what i did: i create a folder on the desktop called "driver" then i extract DP.7z into that folder. Driver\sound\all subfolder and files from extraction Driver\graphic\all subfolder and files from extraction etc... I right click on RT7Lite and run as Admin, browser to iso and select win7 version. then rt7lite did it things. now i check on integration. i click on "driver" tab. then i click on i think it call "multi" file. i 4got what it called. from there i select the folder called "Driver" on my desktop and i highlight all drivers. it should work with no error as my previous post? do i need to redownload rt7lite 1.0.9 again? thx
  12. Thanks for the reply. I finally figure it out. What happen was i select all drivers in the folder that contain sound, graphic, lan, wlan, etc and i guess RT7Lite can only handle certain amount of selection. so to resolve, i select one at time. example, i select sound folder add it then go on to the next folder, etc
  13. hi, after downloading driverspack x64 and extract .7z, i run RT7Lite 1.0.9 to integrate driver and selecting all drivers. i got this error. please see screenshot. also below is a full details.
  14. Thanks for the reply and your hard work in creating rt7. I try the v1.0.9 but is there anyway it can integrate with DriverPacks(DP). DP is in .7z?
  15. hi, question on the "Application" tab, some applications require a reboot. if the application reboot will rt7 continue where it was left off? thx