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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This is the best tutorial ever!!! Mad propz! my brain was on over load just trying to read all of the threads..lol.!
  2. Hi, i am a super newbe and i have a couple of question that just aint clicking in my head. First of all i want to install all of these programs silently i have a xp pro slipstream sp2 cd: Adobe Reader 6.0 Bullet Proof Spyware-Adware Remover V 8.2 Build 2 Flashfxp Flashget 1.50 Aim Nero 6 Ultra Norton 2003 Pro Opera Browser 7.23 PC Bug Doctor PhotoShop 8cs Power Archiver Reget SygatePersonal Firewall pro5.5 Winrar 3.30 corp Winzip corp Games X Copy 1 click dvd copy Dvd X Copy express AutoCad 2005 Grand Theft Auto Vice City This is what i want to put on a cd for now. i am confused on how to wright the RunOnceEx Files and where to put them. First of all do i need slient switches for all of these programs. and where would i put them. I am alittle confuse and lost. So could any body help me out with this problem. Thankyou and sorry if this is confusing.
  3. i need the slient switch to auto cad 2005 any help.

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