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  1. thanks Martin, but finally if i include xable's pack in my windows xp sp3 cd, is enough? (because i haven't high free space, also my windows information is not very good ... ) Meanwhile, if i use xable's pack, can i remove useless files? ( which files is useless? e.g. is XHelper.exe useless? and i can remove this? )
  2. Hello, In update packs, which is better? and smaller? Xable.net win xp sp3 update pack or Win-x.co.cc updates for win xp sp3 ???
  3. Hello. I have a question: Can I embedded my fonts to Windows cd and windows installs them automatically? THANKS ...
  4. Also, for Logo, I must put my logo in OEMLOGO.BM_ ( with Bitmap format ) or in OEMLOGO.GI_ ( with GIF format ) ???
  5. Hello. How can create a .IN_ ( or .EX_ , .GI_ and other ) files?
  6. Hello. How I can change "System Properties" ( right click on My Computer and select Properties ), General tab content? ( on install windows, no change after install by user ) For example change Logo and add "Support Information" button and other ... Please explain answer. I'm moderately. Thanks ...

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