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  1. Hello, I got a broken external freecom drive ,that has a broken controller board. I order to be able to recover the data, I need to switch controller boards. In order to be able to read the data from the broken disk ,I need to change the board while the new disk spins up . So the procedure is : -startup new disk -launch command to stop spinning the disk -detach the controller board from the new disk -connect the controller board of the new disk ,onto the old disk -launch command again to spin it up -recover data At least I can give that a try from the moment I can connect a data cable to the disk enabling me to sent the commands to the disk. So my question is : Has anybody an idea where to connect this data cable ? HARDRIVE MODEL : Samsung HM320JX : http://www.samsung.com/global/business/hdd/productmodel.do?group=&type=94&subtype=99&model_cd=396
  2. I only recover the data - and get another drive. You gotta be maschochistic if you're continuing to use the s***ty seagate drives ... You got a new WD drive 500Gb for 50€ !
  3. Excellent. This is the stuff I'm looking for ... All that remains is to get broken harddisks to play with ... And docs for Western Digital and other brands ... Thanks Peter
  4. Hello Gradius,

    I'm a 38y old sysadmin for cms systems.

    I have a few contacts too.

    I reckon you're a freelance contracter ?

    Just a stupid question : were did you get the knowledge for the seagate BSY solution ?

    Is this from certain books or websites ?

    Or from friends ?

    Or all of the above ?

    I'm curious ,because your article gave me inter...

  5. Seagate Drive : ST3500620AS , Firmware : HP24 Location : Belgium Problem : BSY Original machine : HP Succesfull recovery I used the solution described by AlexLillic on page 35 : With a few small differences (only hardware) : all from RS website(international) USB TTL cable & Torx screw drivers ordered from RS components (delivery in 2 days) USB TTL Cable : 429-307 Torx T6 : 243-456 IC Socket : 813-115 Connector for connecting TTL cable (male) : 334-561 For the cable connection onto the Seagate drive I used the pins from an empty IC socket ,and soldered it onto a cable. Also used heatshrink tubing (just get a few sizes from your local electronics store to get the good size,else you need to order a whole box) as an isolator around the end of the IC foots,so they won't touch one another. Thanks AlexLillic,Gradius and others ... I'm looking forward to more goodies ,and you made me get the taste for datarecovery. I still wonder where you got the actual list of commands for the controller board ? Anyone knows were to get those (for seagate and other boards too)? This might enable us to do this same stuff for other brands and models too. Kind regards, K.