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  1. I recognized it immediately. The Woods Out Back is one of my favorite novels. Kels, surely you've read the whole Spearwielder's trilogy?
  2. Did that work for you? I had some trouble with it several years ago. If you don't specify a path to an exe inside a batch file, it will attempt to run the exe in the folder that the batch was run from. The issue I kept running into was the batch files I was trying to execute with WPI weren't located properly. (I'm sure that's user error on my part). What Kels is saying is the same thing I've been doing. Just to give a little more detail to his answer: Use winRAR to make an sfx (self-extracting) archive that contains the klite installer, the answer file (which you generate by following the instructions here: www.codecguide.com/silentinstall.htm) and the klite batch file. What I do is have the sfx extract everything to "C:\Temp", then automatically execute the batch file from that location.
  3. I think you'll be a lot happier slipstreaming those updates. (For winXP, use nlite or ryanVM integrator). Slipstreaming takes the files from the windows updates and actually replaces the ones contained in the windows install disk. In this way, when you install windows it will already have the most recent updates integrated into it, saving you a lot of time and a lot of space on your install disk.
  4. painiac


    Thank you very much for your hard work. I'm having an issue with the new version. I have an XP SP3 disk with some addons integrated with RyanVM. I've been using the same modified source for quite some time without issue. Now, when integrating the latest windows updates with the new version of nlite, the process continually fails at sfc_os.dll with an error about being unable to open the file.
  5. How can a custom cursor be added to WPI?
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