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  1. Hi, according to description my Seagate 7200.11 is in BSY brick. I have Siemens IP40 RS232 cable for mobile phones (which is voltage level shifter - so I've been told) and i know which wires i need to use (white is RX, yellow is TX, and black is GND) but i heard that i need somehow to power the drivers which are in RS232 connector (Vcc - the red wire in cable). Full info received from a guy who knows Siemens serial cables is following: "the Vcc is to power up the drivers which are located in the RS232 connector of the cable. Without the power for these drivers you will not get a connection. This cable is a voltage level shifter so you have to connect the red Vcc cable to the logic-power-supply of the harddisk (normally 5V I suppose). On the RS232 connector for the PC side you will have voltage-levels of about +/-12V which is normal for RS232 connections! Therfore there is a level-shifter-driver included in the RS232 connector which need at least the power from the target device, in your case from the hard disk." Now, since i am not engineer I would kindly ask people to simply (electronical schemes do not mean much to me as I do not know how to read them, so please be specific and simple as much as possible) tell me how to do this (powering the cable)? My idea about powering the HD was to simply connect the drive to SATA USB external housing - but what about the power to the cable? Many thanks for assistance :-)