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  1. WinBuilder

    hello; further post about winbuilder will be at boot land forum thanks for reading Regards
  2. WinBuilder

    Hello; I'm really glad you aswer ( and so quickly). First I dont say nobody replied on Boot Land, but yesterday I got a warning as there is no more member registering. This is on again today, so I register and I'll post there according to my progress with WBR. I have a problem with source, I have no CD but a recovery partition (HP pavillion). I burnt 1 DVD and 1 cd which contain XP install but also "preload" applications. Its hard to find out what are the files strictly usefull for XP source. This is the subject of the remark about copying the whole disk source. In my case XP media center + HP applications are #5.5Giga. If I could avoid copying again and again, it should be great! By the way I have no access to another official XP CD Install (so no way to choose another langage ?) Others remaks; Yesterday night I got errors on compiling then I send you a message, then I shut down the computer. Today I restart WBR, no change neither on the source neither on the options BUT COMPILING SUCCESS ! Well nearly success, no way to record my path for Nlite, even after modifiing it in window field...I had to reinstall it in the defaut path. But I egt errors "(nlite-2-process.script) Unrecognized command:" I send you log. Again, thanks for your help. Regards PAYA log.7z
  3. WinBuilder

    Hi; Im French newbe so first of all, please forgive my bad English. Im trying to make WinBuilder work from 10 days, today. I dont want absolute directives, I should like learn by myself. So: - is there a way to launch a failed process (script like UXP or others)from the place it failed (yes mine are quite usely failing) I mean another way than step by step following the script tree? - is there a way to choose to copy only the new files PE in UXP wich start reseting then re copying the source disk? - in the same way is there an option to download ONLY the new items (either the new ones selected, either the new ones changed on the official server)? Few questions without response even in Google, MSFN, Bootland. By the way WinBuilder looks like a great tool. Regards Paya