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  1. Recently used RT7Lite 1.0.7 to rebuild my unattended disc. Finally got everything trimmed down farther than I normally do, and was generally very happy with the results. However, upon installing my new copy of Windows 7, I noticed that the Favorites Menu in the navigation pane was missing, or at least the options were. The normal menu should give links to 'Desktop', 'Downloads', and 'Recent Places'. Anyone able to share with me what it was that I removed that made this happen? Also, I noticed that the Snipping Tool is missing as well. Do I need to keep Magnification.dll in order for this to still be installed?
  2. Honestly I still haven't got it figured out. The disk installs perfectly with all of the files for WPI on the disk, with the exception of the setupcomplete.cmd file. Do to school work, I've had to put this project aside for a while, but now that its Spring Break, I'm going to look at it again and see if I can get it to work.
  3. Thanks, got that fixed. Forgot about that.
  4. Do you mean I might need to remove this from the autounattend.xml: <ProductKey> <Key>XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX</Key> <WillShowUI>onerror</WillShowUI> </ProductKey>
  5. Anyone have any ideas? I've been trying everything I can think of, and was hoping to have this install disk finished tonight. Is there something wrong in one of the oploaded files? I've tried searching the forums for any posts that might have something to do with my problem to no avail. Any help would be definitely appreciated. If it wasn't against the rules to do so, I'd upload the files for my disk so that someone could test it. Any help still greatly appreciated.
  6. I have created my unattended setup disk using RT 7 Lite and 7Customizer. Everything works in VMWare with no problems, and I get a complete install to the desktop. However, After taking those same files and adding my WPI to the root of the folder, The installation hangs at "Checking Video Performance" before even going to the desktop. Both the WPI and the unattended setup work individually, but won't seem to work together. I downloaded the Vista/ Server 2008/ Window 7 setupcomplete file, and added it to the sources folder as per the instructions. To help with this problem, I am including a copy of both my config.js file and Autounattend.xml file. Config.js Autounattend.xml Thanks for any help someone might be able to lend. config.js autounattend.xml
  7. I was planning on trying to build my disk again this afternoon, but it looks like i'll be waiting for Saturday so that I can upgrade. Thanks for the heads up. Oh, and one feature request: Could we please get the services list to be alphabetized in the tweaks section in the 1.04 release as well? That is the only thing about RT 7 Lite that has annoyed me after I got it running. Thanks
  8. Help needed reducing disk size

    Thanks MrJinJe! That's the exact information I've been trying to find on this forum. That is going to help with getting the size down quite a bit. Once I can get this Installation running, I can finally start working on the hard part of the project I am planning.
  9. Help needed reducing disk size

    Ok, well since no one else seems to know, I'm going to try it myself when I get back from school tomorrow. I'll post back so others will know.
  10. As the title states, I have a few questions concerning the unattended disk I am trying to make. I have already used gimagex.exe to remove the the other 3 folders from install.wim, leaving only the Ultimate version left. Now that I have done so, I am looking to lighten the disk even farther. 1. Is it ok to remove install_Windows 7 HOMEBASIC.clg/HOMEPREMIUM.clg/ and PROFESSIONAL.clg from the sources folder? 2. Am I correct that the enire 'upgrade' folder can be removed, since I'm never going to use the disk for upgrading from a previous version of Windows? 3. Can the 'migwiz' folder be removed from the 'support' folder since I'm also not going to be needing to migrate data from an existing installation? 4. For that matter, is there anything in the support folder that I might need to keep, or can I delete the entire folder? 5. Is there anything else that can be deleted manally to slim it down before using RT 7 Lite to remove other features? And on a slightly different note, is it possible to use multiple programs to edit different parts of an unattended setup? I really like the interface for 7Customizer, especially when it comes to disabling services (color coded and alphabetized) and creating the unattended part of the setup. Could I do those parts of my setup process I'd rather do in 7Custmizer, and then do the rest in RT 7 Lite? Also, is there a third program or some such I could use to then silently install a few programs, instead of using RT 7 LIte for that process? My apologies if I am asking too many questions in a single thread, but I've always thought it better to ask more in one thread than to start a new thread everytime I hae a new question. Thanks ahead of time for any answers to my questions!
  11. I'm working on building my Unattended disc, which is going to be used for installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my SSD's. Even though I am going to be using 2x 40GB SSD's in RAID 0, I am wanting to make windows take as little room as possible to allow for installing other programs like Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (due out next month). I am hoping to be able to manually remove the following items off my ISO, to keep the Windows Installation as small as possible, and give more room for being able to add silent installs of several other programs. (Upgrade Folder already removed from the .ISO) - All Games except for MineSweeper - Infrared File Transfer Application - Mobility Center - On-Sceen Magnifier - Parental Controls - People Near Me - Projector Connectivity - Sticky Notes - Windows Sidebar - Various Drivers (Smart Card, most scanner drivers, all tv tuner drivers, etc.) - Most additional language packs - Mobile PC Presentation - Sample Music, Videos, and Pictures - Connect to Network Projector - Narrator - Various Services (i.e. smart card services) I know that this functionality is "supposed" to be available from RT 7 Lite, but I can't get their program to work correctly, without all kinds of errors. I'd rather just do it manually if at all possible. If not, is there another program that will allow me to delete these things from the disc? I know that this is a lot of information to ask for, but I am also sure that it would be good to have all of the information posted in one place for others to see as well. Thanks