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  1. amnios

    vlite wasted my time

    I certainly dont remember reading that a vlite install will not take a SP2 update... but now that I google that it's all over the net like common knowledge! It seems that the path of information is generally fragmented across the internet. You get up to your neck in something only to learn one piece of new information that if you knew before you would not have done all the things you just did. In this way my opinion on SP2 not being needed was until I read last night that SP1 support is being discontinued which basically means I am forced to upgrade to SP2 if I want future updates. I do not plan on moving to Windows 7 unless I'm forced to so looking forward to perhaps 1-3 years or more of non updated Vista is not acceptable to me. By the way I installed my SP1 vlite and in my virtual machine is was about 6 GB... in reality when I installed it on my SSD is was about 10 GB... then doing updates took me to 20GB!!! If I was to get SP2 on what would I goto then?!?!? Vlite is great to shrink vista marginally so, but its the updates that kill you in terms of space. Now I'm forced to look at my original question over a week ago... is a 30 GB SSD sufficient to install Vista to SP2 once I have to use a non vlited(read original full) install. I don't think it will be.. it will be 30GB by the time I'm done. By the way, how to I get an original SP2 vista disk as I've already obviously purchased a SP1 disk... is there free disks provided by MS?
  2. so I go ahead and create a vlite of my SP1 genuine Vista 64. go to all the trouble of configuring my new SSD and formatting it. INstalling os running updates installing updates to my motherboard installing virus software etc, etc and when I go to download SP2 and install it says i screwed up by using vlite because some components required by SP2 install are missing. So now guess what I get to do!!!? start all over. Now i'm hesitant to use vlite again because of this SP2 issue. How did I not come across such a big issue in vlite or the forum? Like a big red flag that says stop!! do not vlite/remove this component. Because I have no idea what component it was now. Thanks Vlite. Last Session.ini
  3. Although it is true that I do not know how to slipstream SP2, I still think that SP2 is overall useless to me based on the features provided. I wish I could get the security fixes SP2 apparently provides without all the extra junk. the whole point of using vlite in the first place was to get rid of stuff I won't use... now SP2 comes along and gives me stuff like Bluetooth, Media Center junk for Tvs, Blueray, etc, etc... I don't need this stuff. Is there a way I can get SP2 and eliminate all the junk using vlite?
  4. amnios

    Where to Start?

    ok well now when I install on the virtual machine it looks like my vista is taking up about 5-6 GB of hard drive space. I'm happy with that and going forward from here I would be seeing diminishing results. I originally just wanted a tight version to fit on my new OS drive... a 30 GB SSD. Seems like this little vlite program is really cool. Thanks for all the help. P.S. I was looking at SP2 for Vista and did not see really anything worth getting... so I won't be looking to incorporate SP2 into my ISO. By the way, other than using a virtual machine to test OS installs from Vlite... a bit off topic... now that I know how to create them... is there any real cool or important use of a VM that I am missing?
  5. QUESTION... How important is SP2 for Vista??? I read these features below and could live without each one. What do you all think??? Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista was released to manufacturing on April 28, 2009,[75] and released to Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update on May 26, 2009.[76] In addition to a number of security and other fixes, a number of new features have been added. However, it did not include Internet Explorer 8:[77][78] Windows Search 4.0 (currently available for SP1 systems as a standalone update) Feature Pack for Wireless adds support for Bluetooth 2.1 Windows Feature Pack for Storage enables the data recording onto Blu-ray media Windows Connect Now (WCN) to simplify Wi-Fi configuration Improved support for resuming with active Wi-Fi connections Enables the exFAT file system to support UTC timestamps, which allows correct file synchronisation across time zones Support for ICCD/CCID smart cards Support for VIA 64-bit CPUs Improves audio and video performance for streaming high-definition content Improves Windows Media Center (WMC) in content protection for TV[79] Provides an improved power management policy that is up to 10% more efficient than the original in some configurations Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 share a single service pack binary, reflecting the fact that their code bases were joined with the release of Server 2008.[77] Service Pack 2 is not a cumulative update meaning that Service Pack 1 must be installed first.
  6. amnios

    Where to Start?

    play games, browse internet, run apps that sort of thing is what I need my comp for. here is the seesion file.... Last Session.ini
  7. amnios

    Where to Start?

    ok so I've figured out Suns virtual box and managed to create a 15 GB virtual hard drive. I went ahead and installed my custom iso and after installing and booting the virtual vista machine it looks like I am using about 10 GB of hard drive space but I havn't even upgraded to SP2 yet. Is there any way to get it smaller? And will I be sacrificing anything by going smaller? I went through the vlite components and diabled almost everything I thought wasn't necessary. Ithought I heard about people getting vista down to 3 GB or so... does the OS at that size have any usefull functionality? I dunno where to go from here.
  8. amnios

    Where to Start?

    ok so I can google virtual hard drive... I'll see if I can figure it out from here. Thanks for your help so far!
  9. amnios

    Where to Start?

    ok wont use presets. but for a virtual machine... I now have an iso... and I have daemon tools already installed which is a program that mounts isos to a virtual drive... so how do you suggest I test my iso again? DO I actually install in on my hard drive or are you suggesting making a virtual vista inside my actual vista? I'm a bit confused on this last issue but almost there. Once I am comfortable runnign vlite, making an iso/dvd and testing... I should be good enough to read all the forums to understand more advanced stuff.
  10. amnios

    Where to Start?

    After looking at the link I've decided based on my limited knowledge that integrating SP2 is way way far in my future. I need the basics first. Right now these are the steps that are in my mind... 1) Run Vlite 2) Select Drive where my original SP1 Vista Business 64 DVD is(or my HD if I've already run vlite before)... THEN CLICK NEXT 3) SELECT THE TASKS that I want to have control over(I clicked all of them on)... THEN CLICK NEXT 4) HOTFIXES (not sure about this yet... just skip)... click NEXT 5) Click on COMPONENTS and select which things I DO NOT want to appear in my new DVD iso file. (No doubt what I select here is debatable... I've heard about preset downloads but I'm sure the preset would have to be of the same version I'm using... not sure where these are for download yet)... CLICK NEXT 6) TWEAKS... seems to be a lot of functionality here that I'm not totally sure of... I can understand the "services" section and no doubt spend hours researching if one is requried or not... just left it... CLICK NEXT 7) UNATENDED... as it suggest i guess I can pre fill out my product code and stuff to somewhat automate the install... not a big deal, left blank.. clicking NEXT 8) type in the name of the image file...click MAKE ISO SO with what I did I created an iso that is about 2.8 GB in size and my original is 3.66 GB in size... so I've saved some size but how much "post install" space did I save? I guess the next step is to create a virtual machine and install the iso using daemon tools or something... CORRECT? is so, which program do I use to do that? AND ALSO... I HAVE NOT MISSED ANYTHING IN THE UNDERSTANDING OF THIS PROGRAM BASED ON WHAT YOU JUST READ THAT I'M DOING... did i?
  11. amnios

    Where to Start?

    based on what I want to do right now, I'm not at all sure where to start looking for info in this forum ... there seems to be alot of advanced stuff after the fact. Fact being that I thought Vlite was about creating a new Windows install disk that once used to insall, will shrink vista down considerably on the hard drive. But where does a new guy like me start looking for info on how to do this... hopefully somewhere with sensible explanations of whats happening at each stage. What I have right now is an original OEM Vista Business 64bit SP1 DVD. What I think I want is to create from that(i guess) is an updated SP2 vista business 64 bit DVD that once used to install will be much smaller than my current install on the hard drive. See, my dvd is SP1 and since using that I've upgraded to SP2. Is that an issue? Can i use my original DVD? SHould I? I have a 30GB SSD drive coming and would benefit from learning this all now and creating the install DVD now so that when the SSD comes i can just go ahead with a new lighter install. I have no idea where to start please advise!
  12. Hi Everyone. I'm looking forward to learning a whole lot as I don't know enough to pass on any knowledge. My first SSD will be shipped to me in a few days and I'm trying before hand to figure out vlite to burn a DVD to later install from on my new SSD. My original DVD is Vista Business 64 SP1 although my OS has been upgraded to SP2. I'm not sure where to start at all. ANy help would be appreciated!
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