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  1. Autotek, Apologize for delayed response, wht video ripper is saying could be there, * The motor-driver on the PCB is broken. --------------- yes this could be the case ... you need to understand that this error is thrown only in the case when head contacts (HDD & PCB) are not making connection, Said that I would suggest u to make this connection in any possible way either by making solder or creating a separate connector and join the pcb and HDD head contacts ... * One of the motor-pins is bent and isn't able touch the pads on the PCB. --- I doubt this could be the case ... but I would suggest u try this even by making some method of solder or using separate wires .. I guarantee u tht this issue is solely due to connection not available between HDD & PCB contacts ... if u make the connection issue is solved...
  2. Well Folks every guy who has Seagate 7200.11 & having problem must have read the very ultra famouse Gradius post and yes thats the right one which solves the issue ... But there are lot of people ( WolfDie, mrkimrkonja, jackcaver)within the same post who tried Gradius solution and still had the error "Error 1009 DETSEC 00006008" Even I had the same error but I saw something else on some other posts and finally came to conclusion that to solve the issue it requires more than cleaning the contact ... yes cleaning the contact is the real solution but how to clean those contacts I mean it CLEANING THE CONTACT IS THE REAL SOLUTION But how to do that ( Ithink pichi or somebody else tried to CRY out that cleaning the contact is the real solution and it was ).. 1. You must have ur sister's or girlfriend's nail polish thinner and a needle.. Deep the cotton bud generously in the thinner and then apply it on the head contacts on HDD circuit board so that there is thin layer of thinner. Keep this for abt minute before the thinner gets evaporated apply another layer of thinner continue this 3-4 times and then using the needle gently scratch the contacts you should see the NEW SHINING in the contact post scracthing them...Rub off all the thinner and apply the thinner again and brush it gently using the cotton bud ... Post this apply thinnner for the head contacts on HDD .. but out here u need to just brush it .. take care that the thinner doesnt enters the spring gaps on head contact on HDD Dry the ciruit and HDD for 1/2 n hour and try the entire GRADIUS solution again () it should work, Even if this doesnt works then u shld the check the connectivity on the ciruit board to nearest circuit element (capacitor, resistor etc.)