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  1. Peter: first, huge thank you for being so kind and taking the time to reply to me and try to help me on this... You are completely sure: i was trying to do a backup from inside Windows... (i put format it as an example, i didint do it actually (nor i could because icon would dissapear in few seconds from my desktop) im afraid its too late to use Ghost or similar: drive is no longer even recognized by BIOS (if i put the drive, the machine can stay in some kind of "freeze" mode for about 2 minutes, afte that Windows boots normally of course without the Seagate being recognized...) So, no chance of using Ghost, didint even have time to use SeaTools Tried at least 4 SATA cables...and 2 different USB/S(ATA) adapters...same synthom all the time: drive seen randomly, then icon dissapears from Device Manager/and/or from BIOS and/or from Windows...dont have at least a couple of minutes of the drive seen/recognized so i can backup data to another drive... sounds strange uh? I triple checked everything...nothing burnt or "out of place"...everyuthing seems normal to me... i even hear the spinning of the drive, with no #"strange" noise... I guess its a Game Over for me.... sigh...had so so valuable data... it seems nobody is able to recover data (at this thime of course i dont care about the hdd, i just want to recover the data), since it would seem like some kind of "firmware mess up" or something like that, because of the drive being detected randomly by BIOS/Windows... and i know part of the firmware is on the plates...so if i cant see the drive...i cant access to the info on the plates?? Or maybe somebody knows hot to acces to the data even if something is "wrong " in the firmware located in the plates???? Please!! any light on this!!!! thanks Sebastian
  2. Hello guys: as you can see on my post #2709 (page 136), i triple checked everything so to be sure not to messed up the hdd. i did everything with the help of 3 friends, who were standing next to me, doubling checking each and every command i had to enter into Hyperterminal. as shown on the pic i attached on my post, i didnt have an error after i did all what is suggested here, which i followed in every step. I did all the stuff using a CA-42 modified cable with absolutely no problems at all. i did everything using an external USB/S(ATA) adapter like the one shown in previous pages, with its own energy etc etc etc So, i put the Seagate drive "fixed" after all the solution explained here. At first, it shows as USB device. After a few seconds, it says "SB500AS" (or something similar, cant remember exactly) detected. Great i tought. I went to My Pc. Drive is shown with its exact partition name (in this case, it was drive G: Backup). I clic on the icon, in a second, te drive simple dissapears. I go to Device Manager, the drive is seen with its correct name. I re-connect the USB drive, shown again, but this time as "Logical Drive". I try to format, and in one second, icon dissapears again. I try to look in the management hdd sector, hdd is not recongized anymore. After that, i put the hdd in my Pc. I power on the machine. Drive is seen on BIOS half of the times i power on my machine. In a randomly basis, i can see it on My Pc, but every single time i try to acces to it, so i can backup its content, the icon simple dissapears. I have done that even in safe mode. So, half of the time, BIOS has detected the harddrive, but i cant acces to it properly. so, i did again all the procedure here. Same result: drive is seen sometimes on BIOS, and once in Windows loaded, i see it on My Pc, i see the icon, now its always "Logical Drive". I try to format it, but when i clic "format" the icon dissapears again. Im really desperate at this time. I have so so so many important stuff on it....i feel im somehow cursed or something.... I didnt do anything more than just follow strictly the directions which were given here. In the pic i attached, its clear that no mistake and no error happened during the procedure. I can hear the hdd when i power on the machine, i can hear the head, i dont have any strange noise, not any clak clak clak noise, nothing "strange". To me it seems to be the "normal" noise of the drive. Im not an expert on this subject, but i think at this time i can "listen" when a hdd is not behaving as it should.... This all thing is driving me crazy. Im very depressed and dissapointed for all this. I even took the drive to a sepcialist here who is well known for recovery data, but he is stuck as well. We have chat over the phone and exchanged information, and he tells me exactly the same: he can access randomly to the drive on the BIOS, he may see the drive under My Pc, with the exact name, if he put the drive in a USB case, he is able to see it properly with hte correct name but that just lasts a few seconds, like me etc etc etc etc etc etc he told me that he would try with another exact logic but he wsasnt 100% about what would happen.. Please, i need some advice...do i have another thing "broken" on this HDD?? I dont think so, since i havent done anything else rather than follow all the advice given here...synthoms were like the ones described here... powered on the machine one day ust to find out the seagate was no recognized by BIOS...and that was the beginning of this truly nightmare to me... I didnt do anything else to the drive. I always treated it wit ha lot of care and all that...i didnt trhow it to the wall if you know what i mean... (((( Shall i give up and resign?? someboy out there who might know a way of recovering all the data and then i will throw away this hdd that is giving me a lot of headaches?? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! i beg you guys here Please, please, please, any advice,any hint, any idea i beg you guys.... much apreciatted I just want to recover almost 460GB of crucial data for me...almost all my "digital" life, as well as university thesis and other personal stuff, is in that bloody hdd.... (( Sebastian
  3. Guys: im really desperated here... I have done everything, followed all detailed instructions, triple checked everything....i got no error message (see attached image), but when i reboot my computer...bios is "locked" and cant find my Seagate... what im i doing wrong here??? Please have a look at the pic attached and please tell me... i have so so many important docs on that hdd... ( Sebastian
  4. Yes, i completely understood what you said But, believe it or not, pics are actually from the same cable. And yes, this cable was wrapped in some type of hard to remove plastic shrink wrap as you pointed out. So it was really hard to go until the usb board itself. Im at my girl´s house now. be back in my flat in about 3 hours. I will take in-detail pics of both sides of the cable. Maybe that will help you (and me) to try to go one step further on this. Thanks for keeping my faith alive Sebastian
  5. Sebastian, can you take a picture of the other side of the cable? You mean the side with the cables, opposite to the side with the USB port? You need a close picture, right? no, I need a picture of the other side of the board that attached to the USB port. I have already posted that pic i think....i posted 3 pics. One with the strange characters i see on the Hyperterminal..and the other 2 showing both sides of the cable in the USB port side.... Maybe you need better pics???
  6. Sebastian, can you take a picture of the other side of the cable? You mean the side with the cables, opposite to the side with the USB port? You need a close picture, right?
  7. last one Maybe you can see how i dod the pin connectors...that shows you that im a cokmpletely nOObie on this...
  8. Hi mundy Thanks a lot for your tips Here is my cable and a screen capture of what kind of things i see when i run Hyperterminal (i see them randomly, sometimes i connect and nothing happens. Sometimes i connect and it looks like the pic) BTW, box is similar to the one above. My cable is from Chine but packaging is exactly the same I hope this can be the beginning of my solution....hope the pics are good for you
  9. Hello everyone. This is my first post here, even tough i have been reading all the info in this thread for the last days Im, like many others here, desperate. I have absolute no knowledge of electronics or something like that. I was using my PC. Turned off. Next morning, Barracuda HDD wasnt recognized. I can hear the spinning but thats it. BIOS no longer recongized the disc. Thats why i guess i have the "brick" mode. I have run even the soft which i previously burnt in a CD, booted with that and the HDD was not shown there also... im very afraid i have "ruined" the drive... I have (and i fully know its my fault)all, and i mean ALL my precious and all my important info in that HDD (i bought it not many months ago). Among other stuff, i have ALL the pictures taken with my camera since i own one, including my sister´s wedding and my best friend´s wedding, all my collegue papers, info, ebooks, documents including my final thesis and stuff like that. again, i know i should have done a backup before, but thats exactly why i bought this HDD. I have tried for the past few days with no success to connect the HDD to the USB port. I have tested and broken 5 different CA-42 cables, with different colours and amount of cables. With the first cables i couldnt even install the USB driver (i received an exclamation mark and the USB-URLA device not installed properly and couldnt find the **** driver over the net, even tough i tried everything including Nokia´s driver) After buying my second batch of cables, i managed to install them properly but...i received a "COM3 port is already in use by other device". I tested that with at least 4 different COM ports with no lucks Finally, the last cable i bought (they are not original Nokia branded but other ones very common generic (and lot cheaper) in my country (Argentina) was installed succesfully (COM3). I entered Hyperterminal. The longest i could go was i got strange characters...then, absolute nothing. Nada. I have no idea how to identify which cables are TX and RX. Have no way of measuring, nor electronical skills. I dont even know if i have done right the job of putting the cables in some old pins i have from an old Pc cable. So i cant even be sure if the cables are actually doing any contact with the HDD pins and thats why i got nothin gfrom Hypertermina. I have followed exactly all guides with the last details here (included the one in spanish) with no results at all. So, i have nowhere to go. I dont know anybody here in my city (Buenos Aires) who would help me. Thats why im asking desperately help here If anybody has already used a cable with success, i would love to buy it (i can pay a very good money since i have invaluable data on that hard drive) and im close to giving up , resigne, cry a little (or a lot, for the loss) and throw the hdd to the garbage. Please, please, somebody help me. I am willing to pay for an already made cable/adapter/whatever who has already done its job perfectly, so i can fix my disc. Any help/tips/hints/advices/suggestions are more than welcome, even if they are a how-to-for-dummies-like-me with pictures about what im doing wrong/what else do i need/how to know which cable is which, etc etc etc. I have no tester/multimeter or such a tool and i remotely know how to use it. You guys are my last resource. And believe me, im very very sad, and depressed. I have vaguely slept in the last few days. Im like a zombie, all day thinking about the **** disc and blaming it, and blaming me....and buying new cables CA-42 (or DKU-5) in order to achieve this...with absolutely no success... Please, i beg for your help Kind Regards Sebastian