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  1. No, I don't remember any of the details of .cfg. Re: FreeNAS itself, it's probably improved since I tried it three years ago. In any case, get something to extract the FreeNAS ISO's boot sector, then commence with the trial-and-error testing. That's the process I used, so the sooner you start, the sooner you'll finish. One thing I do remember is that there are several files that could be used as the target of the KERNEL statement, that will be the actual loader. That's where the trial-an-error comes in. Originally, it only took a few hours of effort to achieve results. Later....Jet Ok.. I have tried the trial and error, but I only only only receive "Invalid or corrupt kernel image.". I have tried to use /boot/loader, /boot/kernel/kernel.gz, /boot/kernel/kernel (the .gz extracted) with different parameters and stuff, but with no luck The ISO I've taken the files from do work, so the files are not corrupt I really didn't think it was going to be this messy to make it work :/
  2. Sorry, but that was three years ago and that .cfg file has long passed into history. I can suggest something else which mite work as well, if not better. I abandoned FreeNAS, bec it didn't perform well and couldn't be integrated w/ Windows-based projects, in spite of the fact I'd built (by hand) and operated a FreeBSD/Samba file server/access point for years. (And I really like FreeBSD !) Anyway, I've since found something else which will make it into the next edition of the public SuperDisc [RSN ! ] called TurnkeyLinux. It's based on Ubuntu 8.04 and is being actively developed and supported by a very professional Linux team. TurnkeyLinux has several interesting live CDs (mostly LAMP-based web servers), including the Samba live CD. Check out their website ASAP. Moreover, Jotnar has an excellent post describing how to integrate various Linuxen (incl Ubuntu) into a generic SuperDisc. HTH....Jet that was boring TurnkeyLinux actually seemed very fine, but I just wanted FreeNAS since it has software raid and some other cool features :/ You don't remember it at all?
  3. How did you boot Freenas from isolinux? What parameters did you have in the config, and did you have to do anything more to get it working?