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  1. Is anyone else having a problem getting KB911565 (WMP10 version) to install during an integrated unattended install for WXPSP2? The entries get added to svcpack.inf and I have even tried moving toward the bottom so that it gets installed last, but still no luck.
  2. Has anyone been able to put the "Press any key to boot from CD..." sector on a WinPE bootable UFD? It would be nice to have the same option when booting PE from a CD. Maybe with the release of PE 2005 they will make this an option, but if anyone has figured this out, please share. Thanks.
  3. Where did you end up getting it from? I know it is in the XP SP2 OPK, but has it made its way into the Select CDs yet? I have been hounding my TAM for a month and I haven't been given any useful information.
  4. Does anyone know if WinPE 1.5 has been released yet(I have the SMS OSD FP beta, which is a customized verion of 1.5, but I was told by MS that if I wanted to enable WMI support, then I would have to get the OPK customizable version)? I know it is suppose to be in the SP2 OPK, and probably eventually in the Select CDs. I am really looking for the WMI support. Did anyone ever get WMI to work in the earlier versions of PE?

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