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  1. Hi i looking for a way to patch Termserv.dll on server 2003 so i can use more then 3 RDP i found this guide http://it.thelibrarie.com/weblog/?p=262 i try to patch Termserv.dll on server 2003 ENT SP1 and server 2003 R2 SP2 but i keep getting "No suitable patches were found" anyone have a solution for the limit of RDP's in server 2003. i know that on server 2008 you can use universaltermpatch and it works please help thanks
  2. Hello I Have exactly the same problem! i created an Admin install of Hebrew Office2003 with SP2. I slipstream those 4 new updates KB905756;KB907417;KB913807;KB913807 using this ------------------------------------- ECHO Please wait... FOR %%f IN (*.msp) DO msiexec /p %%f /a E:\MyVM\unattend\OFFICE\Office2003\pro11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb ECHO. ECHO Slipstreaming Completed! ECHO. ---------------------------------------------------- it works fine and when i check officeupdate.microsoft.com it says all my product is updated. But when i check to update.microsoft.com i get this 4 updates again. i took this updares and make from them Office2003Updates.exe with winrar it contain EXCELff.msp Office2003_Slipstreamer.cmd ohotfix.exe ohotfix.ini ohotfixr.dll OLKINTLff.msp OTKLOADR.msp OUTLFLTR.msp OUTLOOKff.msp when i run this on a coputer after installing office it solv the problems but it 17 mb . but still it doesnt help our problem: officeupdate.microsoft.com says NO Need for product update. And update.microsoft.com says there is 4 updates again. i have this problem also with all the old updates (after sp2) too. Anyone know what is the solution 10x Harel
  3. New language file

    New Hebrew Translation thank u for a great program Hebrew_Lang.txt