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  1. Integrate hotfixes in WinPE CD

    Thank you guys. But by the way, be carefulf when extracting your hotfix. If you don't extract it using -x switch and instead, you use something like WinRAR, you won't be able to get those replacement files correctly. Just thougth it could be meaningfull. Thanks again.
  2. Various drivers (txtsetup.oem) in TXTMODE folder?

    Hey all, I've been trying to do it by using subfolders but ... sorry. We really ahave to marry all of them in txtsetup.oem. But waht a hell, hard to build but it works. Thank you all.
  3. Integrate hotfixes in WinPE CD

    Hello all, I've been searching this forum for this kind of subject but to be honest I didn't find any procedure or tool to integrate hotfixes in WinPE CD. I've read KB828217 that talkes about integration of fix 824146 but some other fixes don't have the same structure of files that we could take this KB doc into a standard procedure. Since the customer wants to prevent from any known vulnerages using integration of public hotfixes, what can I do for it? Sorry but here is the only forum where people seems to know what they talk about. Thanks a lot!
  4. Various drivers (txtsetup.oem) in TXTMODE folder?

    Thank you all! Since I'm on time pressure, I won't be able to test it now. It's a shame because the customer will have to edit the txtsetup.oem marrying all the drivers together in it. But as soon I'll get the chance be sure I'll reply to this so you guys know. Thanks again.
  5. Various drivers (txtsetup.oem) in TXTMODE folder?

    Thanks a bunch!
  6. Various drivers (txtsetup.oem) in TXTMODE folder?

    Sorry, I thought your nickname was newbie and not trainee. I'm really really sorry.
  7. Various drivers (txtsetup.oem) in TXTMODE folder?

    Hi newbie, thanks for answering! Here's my input to your questions 1.) Are you doing a CD or Network based install? This is a network install. 2.) Have you tested any of your mass storage drivers slipstreamed by themselves (to verify that they work individually)? Yes, I did. And they work just fine. They are mass stoorage driver for HP, IBM and Dell 3.) If YES to #2 and CD to #1: did you use a method VERY similar to the one posted here? n/a 4.) If YES to #2, NO to #3 and CD to #1: please detail the differences n/a 5.) What are ALL of the mass storage drivers you are trying to slipstream (just so we know)? hmmmmm...this one is not more complex than quesiton #4 *yet* so...what is the meaning of life? HP, IBM and Dell mass storage. This is a project where I have to include support for any of these servers during unattend installation on any branch office (this is a bank). The reason for my question is so that the customer, in case of driver additons, they wouldn't have any problem since this structure is very modular. So you know, I have folders for sources, profiles (unnatend files) and OEMs ($OEM$). If I can make my $OEM$ modular enough to simplify additions, then success is guaranteed upon simplicity on their operations. Really, thanks a lot for your help. I wonder wy I did get only 1 reply. Do you think the post title looks like numb enough to be passed out???
  8. Hello all, my first time in this forum. Right now, and since I have several mass storage drivers to include, I would like to know if it's possible to create a structure like this: $OEM ...|-$1 ...|-$$ ...|-TEXTMODE .........|-Driver1 ...............|-<files> .........|-Driver2 ...............|-<files> .........|-Drivern ...............|-<files> If not, do I have to create a custom txtsetup.oem to include references to all drivers? I did search a lot and, even though this forum seems to be the best one on this subject, I haven't found any discussion about this exact problem. Thanks in advance.