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  1. Yeah, I tried using a recovery program, but the time estimated was insanely long, I think it was about 200 hours, so i canceled it. maybe I should try it again.
  2. I ran the DISKPART LIST VOL EXIT And it found my harddrive, but it was listed as "RAW". I don't really know what that means but I heard it's not good.. I then tried to do the CHKDSK, but it didn't work, I got a "CRC-error". I tried pressing Y, but it did not work
  3. I've tried the CHKDSK command, but I think I'm doing something wrong, I end up getting an error message, I can't remember what it is right now, I'll post it later. I think it has something to do with the fact that i cant choose my harddrive in the recovery console, when I'm asked to choose a partition the list is blank but I can continue anyway. So when I try the CHKDSK command, it seems to check the CD, instead of the harddrive. Edit: I tried going doing the error-check under properties > tools in the harddrive, but it says that it can't access the disk.
  4. Hi again! It seems like my HDD is going down again, but I'm not sure why. I'm wondering if it could be the 0 lba error, so I thought I'd check here. As it is now, when i check "my computer", it shows my 2 HDDs. But the seagate one, when you examine it, has a 0 byte capacity. i can't open it and it does now have the windows symbol in the icon. Thanks in advance
  5. I was recently forced to hard reboot my computer. I'm going to try and be as precise that I can be in describing the problem: What happened was that I tabbed out of a game. This resulted in a black bar appearing in the lower part of my screen, covering my program list and the startup menu. I could move my cursor around and everything, but the lower part of the screen was completley locked. I then shut off my computer and started it up again. When it rebooted I got the message "Disk read error". To fix this, I read that you could use the vista installation disk and repair. When I was starting the repair i was asked to choose a partition from a list. The problem is that there was no partitions to choose from, but I could continue anyway. I chose the first option, I think it was named something like startup repair or something. I ran this, and here is the current problem: I start the computer but now it asks me if I want to start in safe mode. No matter what I choose here, it continues to the green vista loading bar. But after the loading bar, nothing happens and the computer restarts, and after the startup I am again redirected to choosing safe mode. I have no idea what to do now, and I cant get into the vista repair anymore. When I boot from the other HDD with the first one plugged in, windows is very sluggish and I have to reboot, but it seems to work fine if I only plug one HDD and boot from it. The "faulty" one is a seagate 7200.11, that I have repaired once since it suffered from a pretty well-known error with those HDD, something that It would not show up in bios, I don't know wether or not this is important. I've tried to include everything that could have caused this problem. I've heard that it may be caused by overheated HDD, and they were quite hot, but I let them cool of and it did not fix anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I finally got my HDD working again! Huge thanks to everyone who helped me!
  7. Hi again, and thanks for the help. I've figured out wich cables are wich. But when I type Ctrl + Z in hyperterminal all i get is a arrow pointing right. I've heard that it can be fixed if you swap rx/tx, but that doesn't help. Can it be caused by the wires touching during the fix, and if so, can you just insulate them or have i fried the disk? >_<
  8. Hi, I'm currently trying to fix my 500gb SD15 hdd with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FztWJVxbM However, my cable has 5 wires instead of 3, and I don't know wich is the RX, TX and GND. It's a Ca-42 from china, and it's serial number is EK21005771, but I've never seen any mention of it, so it's appearently pretty uncommon. The cable colours are: White Black Red Yellow Green I've tried loking around, but nobody seems to have the same combination as I do. Also, I've heard that if you have 5 wires you need to connect some of them to a battery, but I was going to use my PSU and a cable directly to the HDD instead. If anyone could help me with this it would be immensly appreciated!
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