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  1. Is the MSFN logo available for download in a large size? An SVG file would be awesome. I would like to use it for wallpaper in my slipstreamed W2K install.
  2. I am attempting to make a switchless addon for nlite (2k slip). The program comes with batch file for installing. When I run the batch on my XP machine I get errors on the following lines. wmic nicconfig where index=1 call SetTcpipNetbios 1 wmic nicconfig where index=2 call SetTcpipNetbios 1 wmic nicconfig where index=3 call SetTcpipNetbios 1 wmic nicconfig where index=4 call SetTcpipNetbios 1 wmic nicconfig where index=5 call SetTcpipNetbios 1My machine complains that wmic is not a recognized command. Are there any alternatives?
  3. The list I was using is directly form the WUD website.The link you provided does seem like it would be easier to work with. But to work with that list I would have to open each page linked to and download form there. The WUD program allows for a batch download of all files. Is there a better/easier way to download using TommyP's list on the vrock site?
  4. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Is this a stumper for y'all? Am I going down the wrong path? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  5. I recently purchased a used laptop with WinXP Pro installed and no install CD. There are XP install CDs for sale w/o a COA that I would like to purchase for this laptop. I do know that the product key must match the version (oem, upgrade, etc) of the install disc. Is there a way to determine what version of Win the product key is for if it does not expressly state it?
  6. Please excuse my ignorance. I am looking to slipstream 2k. Can I assume that DISM is not available to do this? I had planned to use HFSLIP slipstream 2k for starters. Then I was gonna use nlite for addons and such. Can you please explain what files I could use to do this? Here is my take on things so far? \win\enu & \win\glb & \w2k\enu & \w2k\glb - all files here can be slipstreamed directly \win\enu\ie6setup - probably needs to be installed after OS (should some hotfixes not be installed until after this?) \opt & \exclude & \static - I assume these are all just text files used by WUD \bin - are these updates that can be directly copied?
  7. Can someone please explaiin the purpose of each subdirectory created by WUD. How can the files be used for slipstreaming? Which files are not for slipstreaming and what is their purpose?
  8. I am sure this info is somewhere easy to find and I am just not seeing it. What can and should I include from what 'Windows Update Downloader' has created. The easy ones I am guessing is to include everything in \win\enu & \win\glb & \w2k\enu & w2k\glb How do I make use of \win\enu\iesetup & \wsus? The dirs \static & \opt & \exclude contain text files, do I add them as hotfixes somehow? And what about \cmd & \bin? Please help me ...
  9. sorry for posting in the incorrect forum my eyes must have been getting tired not sure why I saw nlite where there was vlite
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