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  1. CD Key Necessary with SP3 ?

    If you want to make a SP3-slipstreamed XP Install-Medium, that skips the Product-Key Part, you have to set up your SETUPP.INI file´s value Pid to 76497OEM. This is the first working combination of Microsoft-Product Code and ChannelID i found to skip the Product-Key part. It has been tested with XP Professional. Dont try to set the CID to 000, 270 or 335 with this MPC - it would NOT work, i tested it. Thanks for reading. L.F. Update - dont try to setup up a corp xppros setupp.ini to this value - you would get the dialog to skip it, but you have to anyway enter the key.
  2. files missing *ONLY* when driver CABs merged!

    @calios: you need at least ~ 600 MB temporary space when nlite starts unpacking the driver.cab i don´t think framework causes the error, since i used several framework versions from v1.0 to v1.1 SP1 with always the same problem. @nuhi: how exactly works the routine, when you start unpacking the DRIVER.CAB? if it is not too much work, could you rewrite that routine, so it works like that? 1. getting a list of all files inside the .CAB 2. unpacking every single file from that .CAB using the list (not using *.*) i think this should be the final solution for this problem. p.s. if you want to reproduce this error, then simply edit your DRIVER.CAB with a hexeditor and modify any byte at any filepos within the first 20 MB.
  3. files missing *ONLY* when driver CABs merged!

    dammit :/ i think, i made a mistake - i assumed, all diffent windows xp language versions use the same driver.cab - i guess this is wrong - they only use the same driver.cab in e.g. german pro, home, gold, sp1, sp2 - so there need to be another solution for rebuilding the driver.cab for any languages - i´ll research it, and post my results. maybe there is another way to repair a corrupt .cab file. greetings from germany Lukefwkr
  4. files missing *ONLY* when driver CABs merged!

    you have to patch the driver.cab BEFORE running nlite! (inside the \I386 folder where you copied your WinXP CD)
  5. files missing *ONLY* when driver CABs merged!

    -- not true due to latest researches, thanx to megablue! more infos in the next days -- Greetings Lukefwkr
  6. files missing *ONLY* when driver CABs merged!

    Due to the fact i had the same problems with several missing files like streamci.dll, srgb.cim or tosdvd.sys (and much more) i did some research. The cause of this error is the DRIVER.CAB (!) There seems to be a problem in the structure of the DRIVER.CAB on some distributions of Windows, and this causes an error when unpacking all files at the same time. expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:*.* F:\temp\DRIVER-CAB ... j:\i386\driver.cab wird zu f:\temp\driver-cab\epnhte4d.dll expandiert. j:\i386\driver.cab wird zu f:\temp\driver-cab\epnhte4g.dll expandiert. j:\i386\driver.cab wird zu f:\temp\driver-cab\epnhte4h.dll expandiert. j:\i386\driver.cab wird zu f:\temp\driver-cab\epnhte4i.dll expandiert. j:\i386\driver.cab wird zu f:\temp\driver-cab\epnhte4j.dll expandiert. j:\i386\driver.cab wird zu f:\temp\driver-cab\epnhte4k.dll expandiert. Fehler im Format der komprimierten Eingabedatei: j:\i386\driver.cab. 1723 Dateien insgesamt So here is my workaround: The next step was getting all filenames inside the archive and trying to expand every single file: expand -D J:\I386\driver.cab >C:\filelist.txt with these infos i simply made a batch file, that looks like this: expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:abp480n5.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:aha154x.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:alifir.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:amsint.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:apmbatt.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:asc3350p.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:cd20xrnt.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:cicap.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB expand J:\I386\driver.cab -F:cpqdap01.sys F:\TEMP\DRIVER-CAB ...... and voila! Every file got successfully expanded!! Hope that helps you fixing this anoying error, nuhi You do a great job on nLite, congratulations! Greetings from Germany Lukefwkr
  7. Hello everyone, i´m writing this in the hope that somebody out there can help me! Currently i have a very strange phenomenom when trying to open some sites on any browser or download manager on this system. (Windows 2000) This system hangs on a small network with an Windows 2000 Server with Routing and RAS-Server, that is connected to the Internet. Example: www.ebay.de - when trying to open this site in my IE, i recognise the DNS resolve, but it won´t open the site - and i get the "Page not found"-page. On Mozilla there shows up a "site contains no data"-dialogue. Even on trying to open this website from a Virtual Machine with Windows XP this thing happens. There is no firewall or other web-filter software active, that may block this activities. All other PC´s and Notebooks in this network can access www.ebay.de. I already checked this system with SD Spybot & Destroy and several other programs, that are able to locate any hijacker, in the hope to find the cause but that didn´t help. Then i checked the devicemanager´s not-plug-and-play components and removed some not anymore available devices, that were still hanging around there, and it didnt ´solve my problem either. The side effect was: now my system boots much faster After also removing and reinstalling both the NIC-drivers and the TCP/IP protocoll, this error still is present. I did a Windows Update and after installing several patches, guess what - yes - error is still present. Now i have a very fast booting, and smooth running Windows 2000 operating system that cannot open www.ebay.de But here is the interessting part: i installed a HTTP-Proxy on my Routing-and-RAS Server, configured my Browser to use this proxy, and i was able to open www.ebay.de from my Win 2000 PC. Well, this may be a solution, but not the final one. Why won´t my system open that **** www.ebay.de site without proxy? Other sites like google.de, yahoo.com or microsoft.com work like a charm. Any suggestions are really appreciated! Thanx in advanced! Greetings Lukefwkr