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  1. Ididnt think it woudl do anything if I uninstalled the Firestudio driver, but it did. and it when I ran the W7 health report it said nothing of high interrupt rate. So i guess i will let presonus know. thanks Andre. but the drivers are installed! What happens if you remove the drivers? If the issue gone?
  2. That's right they are beta. but it doesn't explain what windows 7 is saying in the health report. I have a high interrupt rate. it does it even if my firestudio is not plugged in.
  3. @sounds, you did not run xperf -d to merge the trace to a new etl. The Wdf01000.sys is a kernel driver framework provided by MS to simplify the coding of kernel drivers. Are you running the latest drivers for your Pro Sonus device? Download the latest drivers and install them: http://www.presonus.com/technical-support/downloads/drivers-software/ André Thanks for taking the time to look into this, I ran xperf -d DPC_Interrupt.etl in a elevated CMD. I just edited my message I realize how to store the test else were on my drive. Does it make sense that Wdf01000.sys is causing a function 0xfffff88000eb07f0 and the actual duration is 795.243263. I think this could be causing my dropout, but i don't understand this stuff to well. As for the Presonus Firestudio drivers they are up to date for W7. Any suggestion?
  4. Hi Andre, I got to say that you wrote a pretty easy to follow article. I'm not expert computer tech but I need to understand certain things in case things go wrong as I work with pro audio. I actually started my thread over at http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7performance/thread/94a81980-94df-4341-9d85-50611921c011 . To make a long question short, I use a DAW called Sonar8 and I get the occasional dropout, but with my system specs it doesn't make much sense, the frequency is way to often. I followed you're instruction on how to find the cause of high cpu usage. i completed it but I would like to also know where does the DPC_Interrupt.etl get saved I found mine in '' C:\ '' and it was named Kernel not DPC_Interrupt.etl. Is there a way to name it something else? or put it on the desktop initially during it's creation? I don't understand the stats very well, it seems like under Interrupt CPU usage- Module -'' Wdf01000.sys '' is to blame the odd thing is that it goes to about 11% actual Duration, but the audio dropout happens 50 seconds later. I saved what I believe to be a representation of the issue, can you have a look and confirm there is a problem with DPC or anything else. Thanks. Also Im sorry if im posting in the wrong forum. im not able to upload my file so i post it here for upload , thanks http://www.sendspace.com/file/t5eaaa
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