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  1. Thanks to fernando for the explanation Regards, Jangdini
  2. There is no "non-textmode SATA AHCI driver" available. The only Intel SATA AHCI driver is the one named IASTOR.SYS and part of the Intel RST/MSM driver package you have to integrate as TEXTMODE driver.What you certainly mean is the Intel INF Update Utility (= Intel chipset device "drivers"/"software"), which doesn't contain a real driver, but just information files about how to manage the different Intel chipset system devices. Regards Fernando @ Fernando Thanks for the explanation. I will try it. I'm just curious, how windows knows the driver is exactly match with the hardware? Does in hardware contain some machine code? If so, can we change it? As far as i know, windows save the driver in the XX:\windows or XX\windows\system or system32. If i want to uninstall the driver can we just simply deleted the *.sys file? Regards, Jangdini
  3. @Sp0iLedBrAt Thanks for reply, i have download the driver from acer website. It's packed in newer version of Install Shield. Now, the problem is how to extract it? i tried to extract with some typical archieve software. it cannot be done. Are there other way to get it extracted? Regards,
  4. it's a beautiful effort by fernando 1. I wanna ask how to integrate non-text mode sata ahci driver? Sometimes driver come in *.exe package. The exe file cannot be extract in to *.ini or *.inf file. I have this experience when i was attempt to integrated ahci driver Netbook Acer Aspire One D255
  5. sorry for the late replay, kinda busy last week @Sp0iLedBrAt -In BIOS there are two option IDE MODE and AHCI MODE. I got those problem on AHCI Mode. Installation are work fine in IDE Mode. The built-in OS is Win 7 which many of program from my discipline couldn't install in it. So i hardly to try installing xp, after many times failed in AHCI mode, i finally use IDE mode to install it. And because of that i can't paste in here about Detail Hardware IDs. But before format it, i have read like 'ahci sata 1.0 controller' under Device Manager. I still corious install it in AHCI Mode.... -I had slipstreamed SATA driver for couple times, i learned it from nlite Forum. I used single txt mode driver method. -Yes sir, the type of that portable computer is Netbook. @bsl140990 I got results as same as CPUID, the southbridge is SB750.
  6. Yes, Acer Ferrari One 200 mostly similar with Ferrari 1200 (but different in processor). I have tried the driver(JMB36X_WinDrv_WHQL_R1.17.28WHQL.zip) you advised but got the same problems in installing process. I have run CPUID to get information from motherboard. The Result are follow: Chipset:AMD780G, Southbridge:SB750, HD:Hitachi THS545032B9A300. I have tried 32bit_ATI_SB7xx_RAID&AHCI_driver_v9-4_WHQL.zip too but same problem
  7. Hi Sp0iLedBrAt, thanks for the replay I integrate the AHCI driver using nlite. I found step doing this in http://komku.blogspot.com/2007/11/integrate-driver-into-windows.html) I refer to http://komku.blogspot.com/2008/09/acer-aspire-5530-and-5530g-windows-xp.html because i think it work in acer ferarri one which have same chipset ie: AMD M870G I Try these driver separately: http://www.mediafire.com/?08kkyiuom3h http://www.mediafire.com/?nhntlmzomu8 http://www.mediafire.com/?slzejazmfz8 but all came with same results, i got "file ahcix86.sys corrupted" message in installation process
  8. dear all, my name is dini. i have some problem in installing winxp sp2 in ACER Ferrari One 200(AMD M870G chipset). I tried many times to slipstream winxp with AMD AHCI Compatible RAID (begin with version 3.1.1540.61, 3.10.1540.64 and 3.1.1540.61) When i begin installation of xp error comes up corrupted file ahcix86.sys, cannot continue and press any key then restart please help me thanks

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