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  1. HFSLIP64 v1.1.5 released

    Found it with help from another forum. Its in the AMD64 folder. so it should work now right? Where would I put the drivers for SATA so I can slipstream them into the mix for a new xp pro 64 sp2 w/ sata drivers ? Are there more than one set of drivers I need to worry about or just the ones I got from my mobo manufactures web site?
  2. I was wondering. Can the i386 file in the 32 bit version of XP PRO SP2 be copied into the 64 bit version. I was reading that on some install discs the error missing or corrupt TXTSETUP.SIF file appears and stops the install. I was looking at my copy of XP PRO 64 and noticed it didn't have the TXTSETUP.SIF in the i386 file but my older XP 32 bit dose. I was going to make a slipstream disc with the newer 64 bit version, for my new build to include the drivers for SATA drives because my new machine has no floppy drive. The instructions on how to make one on the MaximumPC site http://www.maximumpc.com/article/How-To--Slipstream-your-XP-installation?page=0%2C2 said I had to alter the TXTSETUP.SIF and as I said, there is no such file in my 64 bit version. Am I asking for disaster swapping the 32 bit i386 file into the 64 bit program ?
  3. HFSLIP64 v1.1.5 released

    I don't think so. I don't plan on adding it either. HFSLIP64 is no longer maintained and I have not a single interest in it. Hi. I was wondering. I am trying to make a slipstream xp pro 64 with SATA drivers for my new build, so I can format a sata 150 gig as my system drive. I dont have a floppy at all so cant load them that way. will HFSLIP64 allow me to add the drivers to the mix so that I can do this ? Its a brand new build using only SATA drives and a GIGABYTE mobo, and so far I havent been able to figure out how to do the slip stream. My copy of 64 dosent have the TXTSETUP.SIF that a Guy on MaximumPC stated I had to modify in my i386 file in my XP. I looked and never found it. I found it in my older XP PRO SP2 32bit folder but was unsure if I could swap it to the 64bit with out disaster. Help please ?
  4. Newbee more of a hardware guy.