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  1. AND DONE!!! I got it! I walked myself through every command and came up with a working script! ALL i do is launch the batch file at 5:40AM and it will loop indefinitely. Now My software can keep its Night Settings For Night only and For Day only during the day. SWEET! Here is the CODE!!! CD\ CD %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config COPY /Y Motion.cfg C:\night DEL /Q /F Motion.cfg COPY /Y C:\day\motion.cfg motion.cfg SLEEP 2 TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM DVR.EXE TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM ScheduleBackup.exe TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM RSEngine.exe SLEEP 5 CD.. DVRLOADER.EXE :: ABOVE IS RUN AT 5:40AM :: THEN RUNS BELOW :: BELOW SLEEPS TILL 8:40PM :MODE SLEEP 46840 :: IS NOW 8:40PM... :: CD %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config COPY /Y Motion.cfg C:\day DEL /Q /F Motion.cfg COPY /Y C:\night\motion.cfg motion.cfg SLEEP 2 TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM DVR.EXE TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM ScheduleBackup.exe TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM RSEngine.exe SLEEP 5 CD.. DVRLOADER.EXE SLEEP 32400 :: IT IS NOW 5:40AM :: CD %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config COPY /Y Motion.cfg C:\night DEL /Q /F Motion.cfg COPY /Y C:\day\motion.cfg motion.cfg SLEEP 2 TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM DVR.EXE TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM ScheduleBackup.exe TASKKILL.EXE /F /IM RSEngine.exe SLEEP 5 CD.. DVRLOADER.EXE GOTO MODE Can anyone offer any info on where ican learn more advanced DOS / Batch script infromation so i can make more advanced scripts??? Thanks -Chris :) ::::EDIT:::: WHOOPS! Looks like i initially posted in the wrong forum...sorry about that didn't realize there was a coding forum... Sorry!
  2. Hi guys, I usually post in the Unattended Windows XP forum but i have a question and i need some direction on this. I have Security Cameras and Software installed at my home and it is Motion Sensing Capable via software. The Motion Detection Settings are set via 1 config file which is in the config DIR. At night the motion Detection is constantly triggered and needs to be adjusted constantly. The day Motion Detection is the similiar. Oh i'm using a DOS exe called sleep.exe to Sleep till X seconds specified... The Config DIR is the main DIR and under this DIR i have created two subdirectories called "night" and "day". "C:\Program Files\VistaPro 6 Server\config" is the Main DIR and day and night i have created as subfolders. I am trying to have batch file launch at startup and sleep until around 5:40AM, copy said Mtion.cfg config file to a subfolder called Night and delete current config file in the config DIR. I would like to then Copy a "day" config file from the day Subfolder which is a subfolder located in the config DIR, then reboot to make the new copied config active in the software. I should note that the currently active config file can be deleted while the CCTV Software is running. At 8:40PM i would like to do the opposite and copy the current config file to Day then delete the config file under the main config DIR. Then copy from the night subfolder located under the config directory to the config directory, then reboot also. Upon rebooting the batch file becomes active again and sleeps til 5:40AM and Loops... Please let me know where i may be going wrong or if this will not work. Here is my current Non-Working Batch File. I have batch file to run st startup, then sleep till night and so on. CD\ SLEEP 28800 CD %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config COPY /Y Motion.cfg %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config\day DEL /Q /F Motion.cfg COPY /Y %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config\night\Motion.cfg %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config\*.* GOTO MODE :MODE SLEEP 32445 COPY /Y Motion.cfg %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config\night\ DEL /Q /F Motion.cfg COPY /Y %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config\day\Motion.cfg %PROGRAMFILES%\VistaPro 6 Server\config\*.* SLEEP 50420 GOTO MODE EXIT Heres the Dir Structure "C:\Program Files\VistaPro 6 Server\config" is the Main DIR /// Subfolders //// "C:\Program Files\VistaPro 6 Server\ Config" | | ------------ | | day night Hopefully i haven't missed any obvious details. I tried to be clear as possible. I'm pretty sure this is do-able but this is the first batch file iv'e attempted that does these specific things. I have no formal training with dos or the Cmd Prompt. Thanks Again -Chris :::EDITED::: I forgot to mention, the first phase of the batch i was intended to be run at 1:pm and that would start the the initial phase of the running the loop. I intended to edit that part out upon reboot so it would just loop.. Thanks
  3. Nice!!! I tell my brother to get it. I wanted to make sure of it and possibly ask... That will make a good pc once i work out the details... Transfer firefox profile, music and other junk he has... Thanks AGIAN! -Chris
  4. I am hoping this is in the right Forum... Thanks!!! I think this should be okay.... I have found a used computer that appears to have a 32 bit processor or possibly a 64 bit processor. I am not sure if this comp will run a 32 O.S. I am hoping to get help from someone who is more tech savvy than I. I am an advance computer user and have never run into this sort of problem before as this is not my area of expertise. Hopefully this should be a pretty basic question based on the processor which I am not sure if is 64 bit or 32 bit. If it was 64 bit would it still be able to run a 32 bit O.S. The processor is a Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 and from what i can tell 32 bit but am not sure. But here is a link from Yahoo.... Yahoo! Answers? Here is a link of CPU Specs... CPU Specs Thanks To Those Who Can Help!!! Basic specs of the computer. Brand & Model: HP Pavilion DV6000 Laptop Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 CPU Speed: 1.83 GHz Hard Drive: 200 GB RAM: 3 GB Drives: DVD-RW with LightScribe HDD Caddy: Yes Battery: Yes Dimensions: 1.3" x 14.25" x 10.25" Screen Size: 15.4"
  5. is there a way to display fullscreen messages spare PC/LCD??? anyone??

  6. Remote Message Display or terminal??

  7. Have you tried to re-Checksum the File? I would try that... ModifyPe is used for ..This I would first start off fresh with your backup copy of explorer, change start to Go, then use ModifyPE
  8. I think this is what you were looking for... Rename Start Chris
  9. AHHH! how do you configure File Sharing On folders??

  10. Im trying not to use Simple File Sharing on a second disk that id like to prevent files from being deleted... Basically i have a second disk that i've used as a second disk on many installs of XP. XP was always set up on the first Disk of C:\ and my mp3's, files, were always on second disk of E:\ . I had some files that were accidentally deleted from the E:\ drive and i want to keep anymore files from being deleted from my music folders. The problem is im wondering if previous installs have left ownership data on folder's or does that stay in the registry? I've got 6 owners and/Or groups listed. Basically i'm not sure if i should start removing users such as everyone, Administrator name, or if i should go to the advanced tab and inherit permissions. I've uploaded two shots of what i'm looking at. This is on an XP Pro machine... What is the typical way to "lock down" folders from being deleted? Thanks
  11. Oh, I actually thought it was buried on some Microsoft page.. Ha Ha. Man i feel DUMB! Thats probably why Tripredacus said silly you .. or i don't know what to think???? Thats why i asked is it legal for me to use and then he posted the link and i thought... Anyways
  12. Yea i use Regshot Unicode actually. Its pretty good cause it'll output a "changes" *.reg file and a "reversal" *.reg file and an *.inf file too. And i sometimes use another program called "Fingerprint" which is no longer available i don't think. Fingerprint can also output a hash of every file in a directory if needed. I wanted to see what Sysdiff had to offer though. I tried the link Tripredacus posted but that is only a hotfix. Cluberti i've looked for Sysdiff by downloading Windows 2000 Resource kit but i guess it doesn't come with it. Would you know off hand where on MS site it's available for download?? Thanks Again Chris
  13. You could add a .001 uF capacitor inline with the ground lead, but that would require soldering and disassembling the audio cable. Instead of hacking the cable you should house it in a small project box with an in and an out and use two cables going to and from the sound card and stereo. The box would be in between the computer and stereo.. I'd suggest searching up on this first before taking my suggestions because iv'e only done this a few times just to experiment with different parts i had around. Also I've read that you could make the same type of filter but wired from the left to ground lead and the Right to ground lead. The Capacitor would connect ground to both the left and right side creating a sort of Y. The other way i described was wired with one capacitor in series with just the ground. Also you would want to use a ceramic capacitor not electrolytic though i doubt that low of value capacitor would be electrolytic anyways. Not sure which arrangement would perform better but this is about all you could do with a pop such as you describe. I would use this http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2104052 http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062279 http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103452 Two of these http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2944877 U might need to experiment with different rated values of these / Buy a couple different kinds...--> http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062362&filterName=Type&filterValue=Ceramic+disc+capacitors Chris
  14. I'm Silly alright It's probably that darn techno stuff i listen to... LOL Thanks For the reply i couldn't find any info on where to get though its probably common knowledge to alot of people. I thought it be a good tool to use possible for hard to install programs that don't have silent parameters. That's if the tool is as good as i've read. I'll check it out. Thanks Again Chris
  15. I found this while looking for a way to install MyDefrag defragment program. http://www.serverwatch.com/tutorials/article.php/2194021/Sysdiff---Windows-NT2000s-secret-deployment-tool.htm Not sure if sysdiff will work under XP Pro but i wanted to know where can i get sysdiff. From what i understand it's free and can be used to capture all needed resources for an unattended installation. I think that sysdiff might be the actual exe that runs but might not be the name of the package that contains sysdiff. I searched google high and low and haven't found much information on it. Is this program distributed with another operating system or something??? Is it legal for me to use?? Where can i find more information on this?? Thanks a bunch!!!
  16. Thanks Man for the help!!!

  17. Thanks 5eraph and cluberti for responding to my question... I really appreciate it!!!
  18. Okay THANKS!! I guess I'll have to customize.. thanks for he reply.. I was a little crank when i posted!! Sorry.
  19. Just Curious why would you shorten it?? okay cristo59420 What you'll have to do is take your "i386" folder and move it to the c:\ drive then first you need to run the "DRIVERS! Before You Begin.cmd" file. Then run whichever *.cmd" files you want for stuff to remove. After that you'll need to run the "DRIVERS! Finishing Off.cmd" file. There was one problem i noticed when trying to install windows after using these files. windows would take forever on some files to copy over to the drive. After nuch searching and reading i found what appears to be an answer. I ended up finding a post that says it has something to do with "FolderSizeThreshold". I would add this to the "DRIVERS! Finishing Off.cmd" file. I would Add--->> echo .Set FolderSizeThreshold=2500000>> driver.ddf Or Just download this file with it already in it..DRIVERS! Finishing Off.cmd Hopefully cristo you'll be coming back to read all this but if not its up here for everybody to read... Also i haven't used this yet to verify it works since i've been taking my sweet a** time making my Cd.. I'm sure it will work though.. Later.... Oh yea you'll need to move the i386 directory back to where it was before you applyied *.cmd files.
  20. I've got the batch files. I saved them from when i used to come here back in 2002. can't remember my original user name though... REMOVE.zipthese are from jdeboeck's site though no longer up. Here's here's the archived page too. page.zip Chris
  21. I'm obviously not the first person to use he /n switch. Nobody can help me out??? Not one person...

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